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CBD and Law

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CBD and Law

As you know, CBD is very popular lately. You see CBD products in all kinds of stores or online retailers, but there are still some questions and misconceptions about it. What people worry about most is the possibility of “getting high” using CBD products and the legality of these products. This article is all about these two questions and we will not get into explaining CBD usage and properties. The therapeutic properties of this substance are many and very beneficial for the human body and mind. Read on to find about the legal or illegal law for CBD.

Is CBD oil federally legal?

This is actually the most asked question about CBD as soon as we hear that CBD comes from cannabis plants. So, it is very understandable and we will give a short but very informative explanation about it. Cannabis plants can be of three main groups: Cannabis Ruderalis, Cannabis Sativa, and Cannabis Indica. Our main focus will be on Sativa as this plant family has two main varieties or strains: Hemp and Marijuana. These two differ from each other on the level of THC and CBD in the plant. Hemp contains less THC and more CBD, while Marijuana is just the opposite, more THC and less CBD. This is where we come into explaining what the feds consider legal.

By federal law for CBD or industrial hemp that contains less than 0.3% THC is legal. After getting to know this fact we can clearly understand why CBD is legal. So, if CBD is derived from hemp that fulfills the above law is legal. Because hemp contains more CBD and very little THC or no THC at all, it is the best option to obtain CBD.

Does CBD oil get you high?

CBD oil may be of different types and manufacturers. Reading the regulations we understand that in case a particular CBD oil product contains less than 0.3% THC will have no psychoactive effects and as so will not cause addiction to users. Non-psychoactive properties of CBD not only avoid addiction but also fight it. So, the answer is no, CBD will not “get you high” and it is not addictive. Both THC which as we know is psychoactive and CBD are similar cannabinoids, but CBD acts differently. CBD acts with different receptors which result in different results and responses. Proper use of CBD products will only give good effects and benefits. However, if you want there are a ton of CBD products with no THC at all. This way you do not have to worry about addiction and the “getting high” issue at all.

Is CBD illegal anywhere?

CBD is legal in most states but there are some exceptions like Idaho, Iowa, or South Dakota. All other states of the United States of America allow CBD and consider it legal. In fact, some of the countries like Alabama or Hawaii have no restrictions at all. The thing is that every state has a different approach to hemp and CBD. Some fully allow it, some allow it with a couple of restrictions and extra regulations and some consider it entirely illegal. But that does not mean things will not change as a new law for CBD will most probably come. The countries that so far did not accept CBD as legal, are waiting for more scientific results and then give the green light. CBD is not only legal in America, but also in most European countries and Asia.

In conclusion, after reading this whole article, you will clearly understand that the legality of CBD products varies from state to state. So, we recommend you read more about the specific country you are interested in about CBD. In addition, in case you are sure about the legality and benefits of CBD, consider visiting online retailers and check the wide range of products they offer.

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