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Purposes of a Blister Pack

Purposes of a Blister Pack

If you’re looking for ways to monitor your medication, these 1ml flat-tipped blister packs are an excellent option. They make knowing what you must take each day easy and give you peace of mind.

This product is a clamshell style – specially designed to fit your vape cartridges; dab syringes or 6mL concentrate jars in a protective plastic mold against a flat backing.


Blister packs are a great way to transport medication safely. Not only are they small and convenient, but they are also easy to keep out of reach of children and pets.

These little packs separate everything, making knowing if you have taken your daily medication easy. In addition, it means you won’t miss a dose, which can be dangerous for your health.

Another reason these packs are helpful is that they have various compartments, allowing you to keep your medications in one place without worrying about taking them all at once. It is a massive benefit for people who must take their medication simultaneously each day or be careful about how much they take.

The plastic blister pack is a common packaging type that is used for a variety of different products. They are made of translucent plastic with a cardboard or foil backing.


1ml flat tipped blister pack is the perfect size for vape cartridges of all sizes. These no-insert clam shell packs boast several convenience features, including a top-notch lidding material and the patented clamshell seal technology that allows you to heat seal or encase your product in an airtight package. The best part is that you get to do it all with minimal fuss, which is good news for the budget conscious.


Clear clamshell blisters are an inexpensive and environmentally friendly way to display your wares. They are also an excellent way to keep your concentration fresh and your brand top of mind. In addition, they make an excellent alternative to plastic wrap for smaller items such as cartridges or sample-size bottles of liquids. They are in PET or PVC (plastic) and come in various sizes. The most interesting part of a clamshell blister is the tamper-proof seal that prevents unauthorized access to your product until it is opened.


Blister packs are a great way to organize your medications while traveling. They allow you to arrange your medicine by time and day so that it’s easy to remember when to take it. It makes it easier to stick with your regimen while on vacation and reduces the risk of lapses in adherence.

Blister packs are a convenient way to package your products, and they’re also made of environmentally friendly materials. However, some types of blister packs may be challenging to open. It can lead to a “wrap-rage” when people get frustrated with packaging supplies because they’re too complicated or take too long to remove. A better option for environmentally conscious consumers would be a trapped blister pack, which features a design that traps the item within a smaller thermoformed piece.

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