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The Basics of Gun Competitions

by sambit
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You might not know it if you don’t frequent a shooting range, but gun enthusiasts hold competitions just like any other dedicated hobbyist. Competitions can grade based on a number of skills such as accuracy, precision, or tactical knowledge. There are even national finals rounds and professional shooters who make it their job to be great at their craft. The particulars of shooting competitions aren’t too complex. They’re mostly based on what type of weapon you’re using and which division you’re in.


The most obvious weapon you can use in competitions is a pistol complemented with different types of competition holsters. Most people opt for a standard 9-mm handgun, but some prefer higher caliber revolvers or various Smith and Wesson models. It all depends on what your goal is and what you’re most comfortable with.

For other marksman categories, you might prefer to shoot with your rifle or shotgun, such as long-range competitions. Whichever gun you’re most comfortable using will probably be your best choice if you decide to join a competition.


There are four divisions when it comes to shooting competitions. The first is the limited division, which is held mostly for entry-level shooters. There are few requirements about what type of equipment you need in this division, which makes it easy to jump in and try your hand. The main rules are that each firearm can only have one scope, no bipods, and you have to load it by hand.

The tactical, heavy metal and open divisions are all for more experienced shooters and come with revised rules to keep people safe and the competition fierce. These are great categories for experienced shooters looking to possibly wins some money with their skill.

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Shooting competitions are a fun way to test your marksmanship, and they have opportunities for all skill levels.

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