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7 Interesting Facts You Might Didn’t Know About Owning A Pet Cat

by sambit
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Cats are undoubtedly the most adorable and most preferred pets. They are intelligent and cute creatures and you will never feel lonely if you own one. Their affectionate behavior is what makes their presence delightful. Their furry coat, big eyes, and that small nose are what make us want to cuddle them more. They need your attention and love and their Nature Cat Food should be selected with care to keep them happy and healthy. You might own a cat but there are some interesting facts that you might not know about your furry roommate. Here are seven interesting facts that you should know about owning a pet cat:

Better Sleep:

Cats are known to be sleepy heads. They spent 2 -4 years of their lives sleeping. Her sleeping habits are not only beneficial for her, but their presence lets you sleep well. They sleep peacefully, and they do not disturb you when you sleep. Their presence is soothing, and you feel better if you will have your cat sleeping beside you.

Reduces Stress:

It has been proven through much medical research that having a cat reduces your stress levels. By petting her you will feel relaxed. Having a cat can release the hormone oxytocin, which induces the feelings of love and trust in you. People going through difficult times can feel better by talking to their cats. Moreover, having a cat around is beneficial for kids with autism. A cat’s presence has a therapeutic effect on you. Not just that, looking at a cat’s video on the internet can boost up your energy level and lightens your mood too.

Lower-Blood Pressure:

Your cat’s ‘purr’ is what helps to reduce your blood pressure. It has a calming effect on you which makes you feel peaceful and loved. The vibrations caused by the cat’s purr helps to heal your bones and muscles. You can release your stress by just talking to the cat and it will keep your healthy blood pressure intact which is likely to say that it reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Better Immunity:

Having a cat in the house is good for boosting up immunity particularly of kids. Many kinds of research that were conducted about cats have proved that if a year-old kid is exposed to a cat’s presence, he develops a strong immunity against common allergies and asthma. Exposure to pet dander and fur makes one resistant to allergies that can be caused by grass, dust mites or ragweed.

Lucky Creature:

When we talk about omen, ‘black cat crossing your path will bring bad luck’ tops the list. However, in some cultures, it is considered otherwise. In Japan, Australia and England people believe that black cats can bring you happiness and love. They are associated with good luck. They are treated like royalty and are so expensive that they often get stolen. If you own a black cat, then you are richer than you think you are!

Holy Animal:

Just as a cow is treated as a holy animal in Hindu culture, Buddhists consider cats as holy animals. They believe that when a person reaches the highest level of enlightenment and die, then they come back to earth as a cat. When the cat dies, the person reaches the state of nirvana; which is considered to be the ultimate state of peace and a person will become free from all kinds of sufferings. Cats are treated very respectfully in Thailand. Owning a cat is more special than we imagined!

Best Companionship:

Your cats are your sincerest best friends. They wait for you all day long and welcome you back will the same energy and affection and don’t judge you for being ignorant or late. You can talk to them whenever you want, and they can alleviate your mood just by sitting on your lap. An additional benefit is that women find those men more attractive that have a cat as a pet. It makes them think that a person is very loving a caring. Besides being a perfect companion, your cat can help you find your special person!

All these facts make a cat a ‘purrrfect’ pet for you. They have a more positive impact on your life than you think. Their mere presence is what makes your house a home for you. If you do not have a cat, buy one and cherish their presence!

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