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Top 8 Engagement Ring Shopping Tips

by inspirebuddy
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If your engagement time is coming, then you must be already ready to shop the perfect ring for your partner. Here are top 8 engagement ring shopping tips for you and your loved ones.

1. Shape of the Ring

Shape of a jewellery matters most as it creates more impact on the loved one. This also indicates the taste of your partners. Everyone has different taste when it comes to jewellery it is very important to keep in mind what is the preference of your partner. What do I mean by shape of jewellery? There is minor difference that everyone does not understand. But we are here to help you choose the perfect ring. Shape indicates geometry of the stone which help in decide the stone cut and various angles to make space for the stone to be in the ring. You can choose any kind of diamond cut ring there are plenty such as, round, princess, oval, cushion, etc. Know the preferred taste of your partner and choose the prefect shape of the ring. If you are in amsterdam you should not miss the overwhelming experiences with your loved one.

2. Setting of the Stones

If you are buying a ring with stone in it. Then checking the quality setting of stones is necessary. The quality settings indicate framework of the metal in which the stone is placed, this also sets the tone of the ring. For example, a normal engagement band can get a makeover into channel setting or a normal cushion cut diamond ring can get bezel setting. Make a perfect combination of setting and stones and you will have your perfect rings in your hand.

3. Metal

There are plenty of metal in the market for engagement rings. Choose according to your preference which one you and your partner can afford in addition to which one you both like. Highly recommended metals for engagement are platinum. Because of its quality it is highly recommended, and it is not mixed as well. This also does not cause any kind of skin irritation and most durable in future. The other common metals are gold. There are different colours of gold such as white, yellow, rose and green. Choose which suits you the most for your partner. The other significant metal in the market is mixture of gold and platinum which is palladium. According to your budget and preference, you can choose the metal of your own choice after looking into the pros and cons of buying that kind of metal.

4. Budget

Budget is an important aspect while you are shopping for your engagement because you do not want to go out of budget after buying an engagement ring. You still have the whole wedding to arrange. Set a budget that is comfortable for both of you to pay and stick to it. Research before buying how much a platinum diamond ring can cost or gold band can cost and then make a budget chart accordingly. Jewellery can cost you too much if you do not have any budget and you just go to a shop and randomly choose anything in the store. Plan before you go jewellery shopping.

5. Buying Loose Stones

If you do not have a huge budget, then go for some loose stones. That will cost you a little less and you can later fix in on a band or any designed ring of your choice. Loose stones are always in the budget because they are preferably cheaper when sold separately. Just in case you are confused of buying a ring with lots of diamond get something loose and design a ring yourself. Your partner is going to be more than surprised if she/he gets to know that you have designed something for him/her.

6. Time to be a Detective!

When you go out shopping especially an engagement ring you do not want to choose something which your partner may regret wearing the whole life. Choosing the perfect kind of engagement ring which your partner would love wearing and showing off to others is a task to do. You just need keen eyes on your partner’s jewellery choices then you shall find the perfect ring sooner than you thought. Watch out for the kind of rings she wears and the ring you are buying will it be comfortable for her/him to wear on a daily basis. In addition, see if your partner has any kind of allergic reaction to any kind of metal. Spy on your partner’s jewellery collection knows everything you should know before buying that perfect engagement ring.

7. Size of the Ring

Never forget it’s your partner’s engagement ring which he/she is going to wear every day and you cannot mess up by buying the wrong size. Borrow their old rings which they wear on a daily basis and take them to the shop. It will help the jewelers figure out the right size of your partner’s finger and you will get what you want “a perfect engagement ring”.

8. Shop Wisely and Safely

Get recommendations from your relatives and friends while you go out for jewellery shopping because you do not want to get mixed metal or a jeweler who may cheat you with false ring rates. Take your entourage with you while you choose the ring. They may help you choose something better. Always remember an engagement ring may take time to deliver so buy it beforehand the engagement ceremony.

Closing Lines

We hope the above tips will help you in finding the perfect engagement or wedding ring. For more such jewellery ideas, tips & tricks, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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