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5 Best Facebook Clone PHP Script 2021

by Snehal Tanwar

The introduction of websites during the late 1980s begun a revolution of online networks that could hold information and news on various topics of interest. The world web web was still new to many people and could only be accessed through a computer, which at that time wasn’t available for the majority of the world’s population. With the effect of time, an advancement in technology took place in various parts of the world. This was soon followed by distributing the commodities into different markets on a global scale. It soon reached the commercial market where average people could buy computers of their own. Then the introduction of newer and better models of the PC started its own line of digital evolution. Mobile phones carried on with the same pace.

Soon the market was filled with websites and e-commerce stores too, people could make real time purchases through their digital devices. Thus, the launch of Facebook unlocked the potential of social media to happen. After it’s arrival many other developers made similar apps and websites some of which are Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and so much more. Most of these apps are native to Android and IOS devices and are usually fully optimised to work on browsers too.

Clone scripts are similar codes or skeletal structures of an existing website. It is mostly used by entrepreneurs who wish to start fast businesses with popular features and low startup costs. PHP clone scripts allow developers to create their own social networking sites, these do not require too much coding. These clone scripts help create websites where users can create their own social media account.

The users can log into the site with similar registration options- a username and a password. Common features seen in social media sites include live chats, video chat, creating and liking pages, uploading media and so much more. The user interface and design works well, the ad system is also set and fixed for the ads to earn money. The admins can sell ads space to users and fetch some amount through integrated payment gateways such as Gpay, PayPal and so on.

PHP Social Stream

PHP Social Stream is known for its trendy responsive design, it helps the developers achieve a clone copy of Facebook. It has similar Facebook features like users can create their own site account and create pages and publish them in their feed. The users can all like, share , comment on the posts displayed in their feed. The navigation system is simple and smooth to control.

It’s Features

  • Unlimited Categories : For brand or community promotion, there are many categories that can be attached with the pages you create. The page you create also has features like creating a page title and page description. Page descriptions need to be short but compelling enough for viewers to click on it for further information.
  • Supports In-built Blog System : This feature allows users to create their own articles and publish them within the website. Along with this we have common social media features of likes, comments and shares. Users can also embed videos directly from popular video sites such as YouTube, Dailymotion and so on.
  • Supports 7th Gen Advanced Search : PHP Social Stream has an advanced search engine which makes finding specific keywords or profiles easy and fast. The filters are dynamic and can easily help find profiles, pages and accounts.

It’s Pricing

A regular plan costs $18 reinforced with support and updates. The extended plan costs $90 with the enhanced features and support. It depends on your budget and manpower.


The phpSocial script is designed to help users interact digitally through live chats, direct messages and video calls. There are online communities and groups within the site where like-minded people can join and interact with each other.

It’s Features

  • Efficient Newsfeed : in this area, all the recently posted content from other users are displayed in the feed and also notifies users about their friend’s birthdays.
  • Story feature : Sharing images, videos, music and other media content online with the locations also mentioned. The view setting is also available for users to adjust their privacy settings. Whether the post should be public or privately displayed.
  • Advanced Filters : With the use of Hashtags and @ users can now search accounts and pages without a hitch
  • Effective Dashboard : The script helps you get used to the dashboard where, all recent activities of users are displayed in the form of graphs and charts. This can last up to 7 days

It’s Pricing

It has two pricing options—the regular and extended license. The former is costs $49 with support for 6 months, and additional features while the latter costs $249, it contains the same perks as offers in the regular plan however some additional features are available only for this plan.


WoWonder PHP script allows developers to create fast, quality social networking websites. This is because the WoWonder script has a powerful back-end feature and this allows the developers to manage all the posts and pages created by the registered users. The admin also has access to stats of the number of posts, users and so on along with charts and a full analysis report on the website.

It’s Features

  • Ad Space : Allows users to create and publish their own brand ads
  • Live Chats and Video Chats : Done within the website
  • User Activities : The admin can display up to date activities of the users account.
  • Online movies : Online streaming within the site is another fabulous feature, the same goes for importing videos and audio

It’s Pricing

It costs $72 along with features and supports up till 6 months. The extended plan costs $25.13 extra for 12 months.


For developers who wish to work on social networking sites, the iSocial PHP script is a good starting point. It does not take much time to make a social networking site with iSocial PHP script. The script includes all the usual features found in social media platforms, say posting photos, videos, live chat, comments, liking and sharing a post and so on.

It’s Features

  • Register : To allow visitors create their own social media accounts with their name or email address. Another addition would be to give the option of using different social media accounts to sign up.
  • Comments and Likes : The users can post comments and likes on each other’s posts and media content. The notification bar will be present to notify the user if someone has liked, commented or messaged the user.
  • Market hub : The script is useful for entrepreneurs and marketers too, a marketplace system is set up where ushers can publish their own pages and view other products displayed on the site.
  • Admin Panel : The panel is well rounded and enables the user to smoothly operate the website, you have control over what you post and no one else can post their content on your page.

It’s Pricing

The iSocial PHP Script costs $51 for 6 months of support and timely updates. If you want to extend the support time then the additional cost is only $17.25. A reasonable amount for well off developing companies.

Social Network

It carries out the same function while users make new accounts, smooth live chats, multiple chats available and posting videos and media content.

It’s Features

  • Supports AJAX : This feature allows a page to remain updated without refreshing the page over and over again. It improves load time and the feedback is quick.
  • Provides users with advanced password encrypted login methods. It also prevents cyberattacks from CSRF and SQL
  • Advertising space is also available for selling various products and services for users

It’s Pricing

  • The regular plan costs $39 with 6 months of support
  • The extended listens costs $225 which comes with advanced interface and timely updates


To find out more info about Facebook Clone PHP Script you can check online directories and videos on their use and emphasis. The mentioned PHP scripts are considered the top best available online.

While choosing which PHP script to purchase and use, make sure you know your budget and goal. Derive a marketing plan before you kick start your own social networking website.

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