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How Applicant Tracking System Manage Your Talent Pool?

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Applicant Tracking System

Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) is a type of recruiting software that allows you to manage your hiring process and digitally store updated candidate information. With the help of ATS, you can have all the candidate information along with their resume, cover letters, and other hiring actions like interview performance and call scheduling. All in all, ATS is a powerful tool that can upgrade your recruitment process.

How Does It Work?

ATS is a free-and open-source software for business that functions as a core of the hiring process. It allows you to post jobs to various job boards and analyze the applications in your system itself. It also allows you to search for different profiles in your industry, evaluate the candidates and their profiles, and schedule interviews. Some ATS also provide multi-system integration which helps recruiters find more qualified and experienced candidates. Additionally, ATS adheres to GDPR which makes your recruiters more legally compliant. Therefore, ATS enables you to streamline your hiring process and be more efficient and effective. A good ATS can help you with the following tasks.

* The automation of administrative parts of the hiring process like scheduling interviews, sending bulk rejection emails, and approving job offers.

* Making it easier for the recruiters to exchange feedbacks and track the hiring process

* Helping you find good, qualified, and experienced candidates by sourcing and job posting

* Promotion of ideal candidate experience  by building effective application forms and shortening the time for application submission

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* Helps you with maintaining a searchable database of candidates.

* Allows you to generate  recruitment reports on metrics like time to hire

* Allows you to easily import & export, and migrate data quickly and easily.

How It Helps the Recruiting Process

The main advantage of an applicant tracking system is that it helps recruiters with more streamlined and efficient hiring. Here are a few sections of ATS functionality that help recruiters with their recruiting process.

* Finding candidates: Good recruiting software offers the feature of finding qualified candidates, either through a free or paid job board. Not only can you post jobs from within the system, but ATS also allows you to find candidates from other built-in methods. Moreover, the privacy of the candidates is respected, and data protection is assured.

* Scheduling: Some good free-and opensource software for business enable you to schedule interviews, calls, and email exchange with the candidates. Therefore, when you schedule an interview, the events integrate with everyone’s calendars. The built-in ability for mass mailing and rejections are also offered in most systems.

* Evaluation: Candidate evaluation is one of the most critical stages of the recruitment process. You need effective methods to identify and filter the best candidates from the lot, and good ATS helps you with this process. A good system provides interview kits and scorecards, along with integration with other assessment providers.

* Integrations: Recruiting software cannot provide the desired results on its own. Therefore, a good ATS supports integration with platforms like HRIS, Gmail, etc. to improve the hiring procedure and efficiency. If your ATS supports integration with your HR system, you can import the details of the hired candidates into the employee database.

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* Recruitment and Management: Recruiters have to take care of the time taken to hire, whereas the managers need to take care of the total hiring goals. A good applicant tracking software can help you achieve both the goals quickly and effectively.

* Talented Candidates: You might come across good candidates that come to you at the wrong time. You might not have a position based on their skill set, but you are sure about their talent, and it can help your organization. To help you with this dilemma, much free-and opensource software for business help you build talent pools in which you can develop and nurture the ongoing relationships with those candidates. A good ATS also helps you make notes, filter your database, and set reminders for future actions.

* Security: When it comes to recruiting, there are a few legal and security-based requirements that the HR department needs to follow. Policies like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) post numerous restrictions on the handling and sharing of candidate data. However, the best ATS use these policies and regulations effectively to ensure that the confidentiality, security, and legality is breached, and your recruitment procedure is affected.


If you ask about the best ATS for your business, you might not get a universal answer. With so many businesses in the market with variable needs, it is not necessary that one ATS might suit the other. The best way to select the perfect recruiting software for your company is to identify the problems and pain points of your company and then look for an ATS that satisfies those requirements. If you analyze your requirements, it will be easy for you to choose the right ATS because you will be aware of your requirements. Moreover, you can use this information to make a solid business plan for finance and management.

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