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Benefits of VoIP Technology

by sambit
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VoIP technology has many benefits, including cost, control, productivity and ease of use, but these benefits vary slightly based on VoIP providers.


VoIP is more cost effective than traditional or cell phone services because it has a monthly per-user fee instead of per-minute fee, even for international calling. Cloud-based systems are even less expensive.

They do not require costly infrastructures. VoIP is also not regulated, so it has no regulation fees. Although you use one network for data and phone, users can easily multitask on the same network.

In-house IT staff should be able to install and maintain these systems. Finally, teleconferencing reduces travel requirements for face-to-face meetings.


Companies can fully customize their VoIP systems, including how much control they have. Because it is digital, IT staff can make changes that are implemented almost instantly. You can control whether a caller goes directly to voicemail or to another extension. Any device can be connected, and users may use any available phone number in any area code. Finally, you choose the features you want to pay for.

Additional people and devices can be connected easily. In-house IT staff are able to install and maintain these systems. Your voice service will not be interrupted when a phone line goes down.


Any device can be used on your VoIP system if you have access to WiFi, and your cell phone can be used when you do not. For example, employees can work from home or hotels.

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Video conferencing and call center applications provide real-time communication, and you don’t have to video using 2 computers; any connected device will work.

Voicemail and faxes are transcribed and forwarded to your email automatically. Calls can go to multiple devices prior to going to voicemail, so customers almost always speak with someone.

VoIP and other applications, including the internet, can be used at the same time without interruption, and the quality is better than landlines. In addition, documents can be shared during videoconferencing.

Consider investing in a VoIP system to reduce your costs, experience greater control over your system and increase productivity.

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