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Do you know about Education Apps Market Growth

by Snehal Tanwar
Education Apps Market

The traditional educational system was pretty unexacting, where pupils sat in an overcrowded classroom and an educator instructed them. But with the increased education app development, education and learning have gone through a change that inspires, intrigues, and eases this process of gaining knowledge. Hence, with the educational app development knowledge can be acquired beyond the confines of classrooms.

The portrayal of the education app development in the timeline as follows:

  • In 1840: With the help of correspondence, Isaac Pitman educated his pupils on the benefits of shorthand.
  • In 1924: For the first time, students could test their progress via testing machine.
  • In 1954: “Teaching Machine” was invented by BF Skinner, which aided educational institutions to operate programmed order to their pupils.
  • In 1960: PLATO or Programmed Logic for Automated Teaching Operations was established in the world which was a computer-based teaching program.
  • In 1970: e-learning initiated more interactive features.
  • Towards the edge of the 20th century: People now gain knowledge about anything and everything sans constraints of time and geography.
  • In the 21st century: Emergence of education app developers, who developed new and advanced education apps that significantly enhanced education and learning capacity.

With the educational app development, users can now access a wide array of data or information through the internet anywhere and anytime. This aided in transcendence the hurdles of space and time. Students can now access the distinct programs of different educational institutions that enables pupils to expand their knowledge or explore new areas of learning. Hence the exponential growth of education apps at an unparalleled rate.

As claimed by Orbis research, the world e-learning trade or market will surpass a whopping USD 275 billion worth by 2022. The e-learning trade or market value was previously estimated above USD 165.21 billion in 5 years and is prophesied to increase above 7.5% CAGR during 2022 period. The important reasons that help in the education app development are:

    • Easy accessibility.
    • Flexible learning solutions.
    • Effective approach due to interactive features.
    • Low cost.
    • Statistics depict that 3.2 billion users utilize the internet, hence the increased internet perforation, the growth of educational apps is so swift.


  • Increased availability of smartphones also helped in the advancement of education app development.
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Although the areas with slow or limited internet connection pose a threat to the rise of the education apps. The growth of education apps may depend on the following:

  • By application: New engaging features that intrigue and attracts the students have been incorporated in the education apps. Mode of gamification have a huge rate of interest and engagement with the learners. With time, students have been making use and enjoying the educational apps, videos, online courses, software offered by EdX, YouTube, Google Play and other educational apps.
  • By technology: Education app developers utilize new technologies or develop any specific features that complement the education process. Software like PowerPoint and Flash aids education app developers to create rich graphical and high-quality content. Also, the CMS and database help them to delete and update data. This not only offers the users a rich experience but also offers a simpler approach.
  • By Region: in places like North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, MEA including South Africa and GCC, Latin America, with its comprehensive development programs the US e-learning worth is anticipated to guide the global e-learning industry. Also, a country like ours, India, has initiated to develop the literacy rate with the help of the education apps.
  • By provider: The education app developers also play an essential part in the increased growth in the e-learning industry. With rich content and technological advancement such as the initiation of cloud computing along with distinct other online tools, education app developers can propel the growth of the e-learning industry.

The aspects that are market drivers include:

  • Increased demand for apps that are stem-based.
  • Multipurpose attributes.
  • Different approaches like either the discovery-and-experimentation approach or drill-and-practice approach.
  • Learn specific topics via educational games.
  • Students can easily access and manage these educational apps.

The introduction of the education apps has significantly and considerably made obtaining knowledge more interesting and engaging. Many education apps can work offline too, hence more appealing and retentive to the users. Now a huge array of education app developers and educational institutions have been striving to create more engaging content for students. The flexibility of education apps which has features like games, personalization, and alerts via notification will increase the growth of the education apps in the future.

Also, the growth of tablets and smartphones has increased considerably over the years. The students now can easily use these gadgets to imbibe knowledge. With extensive curriculums and activities per topic or subject helps the students to understand and remember a topic for future endeavours. Through education apps, one can actively participate and continue to persevere until he or she gets the concept of a topic. At one’s time and pace now students can learn things. Not only students get benefitted from the educational app development, but teachers too can imbibe updated knowledge from it. Moreover, instructors and students can share and implement ideas on these apps.

As we know that education is the primary requirement to attain success. Hence, all parental figures want his or her kids to acquire great marks in their educational activities and curriculums. At this period the introduction of the internet, smartphones, and education apps serves as a friend for parents, students and teachers. Where one can learn in a fun-loving way and calculate one’s progress too. Hence all the attributes point out that education apps are required for one’s educational betterment, which eventually will lead to the rise of the growth in trading of education apps soon.

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