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How to Set Up Parental Controls on Samsung Tablets

How to Set Up Parental Controls on Samsung Tablets

Technology is becoming easily accessible to kids of all ages, leading them to spend significant time online. While access to smart devices can help children learn and explore, it is essential to take precautionary measures that will help us protect them from the dangers of the internet.

How to Protect Your Kid’s Samsung Tablet?

Even if your kid isn’t old enough for a phone and only has access to a tablet, they can still be exposed to several virtual threats, including predators and scammers. Thankfully, parental control options on a Samsung tablet can help us create a secure environment for them to be online.

Some ways you can childproof your kid’s Samsung tab include:

1. Limit Screen Time

The more your child uses their tab, the more likely they are to end up on the wrong side of the internet. Limit their screen time by only allowing access for a few hours a day, preferably when you can keep an eye on them.

2. Use A Separate Google Account

A separate Google account for your child’s tablet allows better parental control. If you’re setting up a new device or giving an old one to your child, reset it and add your child’s account so you can begin with a clean slate.

3. Use Samsung Kid’s Home

If your kid is younger than 13, you can set up the kid’s home feature on their Samsung tablet. It only allows access to certain child-friendly apps and allows you to control the duration for which they can use them.

4. Use the Google Family Link

If your kid is older, and you can’t always physically access their tablet, link it to your phone using Google Family Link. It allows you to control and monitor your child’s device remotely. You can see their usage, restrict content, control purchases, etc.

Monitoring Apps for Samsung Devices

If you want to go the extra mile, you can set up an advanced device monitoring app for your child’s Samsung tablet. Top-rated ones on the Play Store include AirDroid, mSpy, Key Logger App, and KidsGuard.

mSpy is great as it allows you to discreetly monitor your child’s activities. Through mSpy, you can access your child’s social media and texting app activity, track their location, go through their media, and view their browsing history. You can track this information to ensure your child’s internet presence is safe. You can also use it to adjust the parental controls accordingly.

Are Monitoring Apps Visible on the Tablet?

If you’re worried about your child noticing these monitoring apps on their device, you’ll be happy to know that mSpy is a discreet app that your child won’t notice. Subscribing to them can also access exclusive features such as ambient listening and a live camera.


While it’s good for your kids to have access to the internet, taking the necessary steps to ensure their safety and protection is also imperative. Using parent controls and monitoring apps like mSpy can significantly aid you in this process.

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