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The Govt Announces to Liberalize the Mapping Policies to Give the Free Access to Geospatial Data

by sambit
Liberalize the Mapping Policies

Have you heard that the Govt announces to liberalize the mapping policies, a change that will give free access to geospatial data? The Govt says that this change will make a way to new opportunities for the public and private sectors.

However, these opportunities will help research institutions boost innovations and build scalable solutions. Please read this article from the Geospatial Awareness Hub carefully till the end to know more about this news.

Govt announces the liberalization of mapping policies

On Monday, the centre govt gave an announcement that there will be liberalization in mapping policies. They say that it will provide free access to Geospatial data.

Moreover, the Govt says that this change will provide new opportunities to the public and private sector to boost innovations and find solutions to the problems more efficiently.

Secretory of science and technology department Ashutosh Sharma shares some words on this step

The secretory of the science and technology department, Ashutosh Sharma, says that there will be deregulation in the sectors under the new guidelines.

Moreover, he mentions that deregulation requires no licenses and security clearances to produce geospatial data services and maps.

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Minister of Science and Technology speaks on this news

Harsh Vardhan, Minister of Science and Technology, speaks about this change in a press conference that it will help several sectors easing norms where maps are not available.

However, he also mentions, according to the survey of India, the industry has to take permission to make maps. Further, it results in the delay of work by at least 3 to 6 months.

Our honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji shares some words on this move

Shree Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, says that mapping policies’ liberalization is a huge step in Atamnirbhar Bharat’s vision. He mentions that this move will bring a production of geospatial data.

That will drive new opportunities for farmers, research institutions, public and private sectors to create innovations and find solutions to any problem.

Moreover, he speaks about the liberalization in his series of tweets. He tweeted that mapping policies’ liberalization will give new energy to their Digital India and Atam Nirbhar concept.

He cleared that the step is going to create new opportunities for the public and private sectors both to build innovations and bring scalable solutions.

Liberalization of mapping will provide new technologies in the agriculture sector

The Govt says that this move will also benefit farmers in leveraging remote sensing and geospatial data. It will result in democratizing data that drive new technologies and platforms in the agriculture sector.

However, the move will open up the earth observation data so that the company can build new applications for the agriculture sector.

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Lastly, the Govt cleared that the move will benefit farmers by providing efficiencies and technologies in the agriculture sector.

Unlock huge value

Rohan Verma, chief executive of MapmyIndia, mentions that the liberalization will bring accuracy in mapping homes and multi-storied buildings.

Moreover, there will be more efficiency and productivity for eCommerce and mobility customers.

However, the liberalization will also allow entrepreneurs to create applications employing mapping to bring billions of dollars value to the country.

It will help India to take a step closer to the global mapping ecosystem. It will reduce the cost and time of building large-scale infrastructure projects.

However, Jitender Singh, union minister of state for space, says that by 2029, this move-in geospatial sector can contribute about 99000 crores to the Indian economy.

However, free access to the geospatial data for other stakeholders will encourage them to become a part of the developing new India.

Wrapping up

We hope that this article from the Geospatial awareness hub provides complete information about this latest news. Lastly, we can only say that mapping policies’ liberalization is a strategic move in India’s data empowerment path.

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