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Top 6 Essential Tech Tasks You Must Do During The Lockdown

by Snehal Tanwar
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Coronavirus trapped us all in lockdown and our routine lives have changed massively. People are doing work from home, and many of them are searching for ways to get over a few hectic yet important tech tasks during these isolation days.

So, here we bring an opportunity to take advantage of this lockdown with these effective techs and apps that can boost your productivity. Right from a document scanner app to updating your privacy settings-these tech-crucials will transform your working style.

6 Crucial Tech Tasks You Must Do During The Lockdown

  1. Digitize Important Documents And Photos

One of the most important things you can do during these isolation days is to digitize all your documents and old photos. Often our drawers are full of age-old papers and photos. This is high time you can give these archives a digitized upgrade.

Download one of the most accurate document scanner apps FlashScan to digitize your documents.

  • FlashScan is the fastest document scanning app that scans all types of papers and photos.
  • It is an intuitive app with an OCR tool as well. You can also translate extracted text from English to other languages.
  • It reads QR codes and Barcodes accurately.
  • Various top-notch post-scan filters enhance scanned results.
  • Users can organize scanned documents with Sort By feature.

Install the FlashScan app and turn your Android device into a portable scanning machine.

  1. Get Google Docs

Another essential tech task is to get Google Docs. You must have heard about it and if you are not using it you must get it now.

  • The lazy lockdown days are the best time to get Google Docs that can help you create impactful documents.
  • With smart editing and styling tools, it helps you format text and paragraphs easily.
  • You can access, create, and edit your documents anywhere anytime.
  • It allows all the team members to work together on the same document, that simplifies any business.

3. Back up All Your computer and phone data

Computers and smartphones are an essential part of our lives. During these home-locked days, you must take a backup of these devices. Our routine busy days do not allow us enough time to perform such important tech tasks.

  • Be it Windows, iOS, or Android all major operating systems have preloaded tools that can set backup for you.
  • You can also use Google backup and sync to actively backup all your essential data.
  • Users can keep all data secured in the cloud with Google backup.
  • It is an easy and accessible way to keep your data handy.

4. Start Using a password manager

A password manager plays a vital role in your digital armory. In today’s world where our life is closely attached to the online world, using a pro-password manager is a smart move.

  • Mostly all the password managers automatically sign users in the apps and web platforms.
  • 1password or Dashlane is more secure than all the other built-in passwords that come along with various devices.
  • Users can keep their digital world safe with such password managers.

5. Use The Famous Zoom App To Surpass Social Distancing

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The most important tech task we all must do during this lockdown phase is to use the famous video calling app ZOOm. It is essential to stay in touch with all our friends and relatives.

  • Zoom is the video conferencing software that allows online video sessions.
  • With Zoom users can anytime video chat with office members, clients, or customers.
  • It is an excellent cloud-based peer-to-peer software platform and is used for teleconferencing, telecommuting, distance education,

6. Check Your Privacy Settings

With increasing crime ratio, it is imperative we keep our eyes on privacy policies of various digital services we access frequently. Arrange a periodic check on your security preferences.

  • To begin with, you can ensure a two-factor authentication system is enabled. It adds an additional layer of security to all your accounts.
  • All the famous platforms like Facebook, Google, etc provide this facility. You can find it from the privacy settings of particular platforms.
  • Also, you must review all the third-party apps you have linked to your Facebook or Google profiles. You can also read the privacy policies of all such apps and how they are using your data.

Concluding Notes

As our regular routines do not allow extra time to perform essential tech jobs, you must get over with these important tech tasks during the lockdown phase.

Digitize your documents with a scanner app, check the privacy settings, be a pro-tech-user during these lazy long days of lockdown.


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