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What is an international legal network?

by Snehal Tanwar
What is an international legal network

The international legal network or ILN is an association of various law firms all over the world. It helps the clients to get the legal services required by them throughout the country making the legal services easily accessible for everyone. As a result of the globalization of economies, the services of a professional are also required on a global level. The international law is a set of principles, rules, treaties, etc. but it does not have a separate penal system. So, with the help of international law attorneys, the international legal network helps in understanding and dealing with international legal matters.

The international environment is very hostile and constantly changing, so it is necessary to get advice regarding the laws, rules, and regulations real quick and from reliable resources. The international law firm network works to provide that reliable framework to people and businesses in need of legal advice.

The ILN or International Legal Network was set up in January 2010 and 91 highly trusted and qualified law firms, who have almost 5000 lawyers in about 66 countries on 6 continents. All these lawyers and law firms work hard to bring peace and support to every international program and mission.

The practice areas of International Legal Network

The ILN or the International Legal Network has various international firms and attorneys working under it in the following areas:

  • Corporate and commercial laws
  • Commercial litigation
  • Taxation and securities law
  • Government contracts
  • Employment and expatriate laws
  • Intellectual property law
  • Estate planning and administrations
  • Alternative dispute resolutions

What ILN offers to its members?

The International Legal Network or the ILN offers its members with many rights and privileges to deal with the legal issues in a right and justifiable manner. Let us see what it has to offer to its different classes of members.

  • Active members: The active members of the International Legal Network gets the following:
  • Properly structured framework about the interventions that have a long-lasting effect and maximum impact.
  • A variety of service requests for every competency and availability, including consultations, assistance, training, analysis, etc.
  • Best services for highly sensitive and human rights issues.
  • Young trainees: A young trainee international law attorney is required to get involved in the action under the persecuted colleagues first, in order to gain some insight and experience, under the “Article 16, lawyers in danger” project.
  • Law firms: International law firms get a partnership with the international legal network that will benefit their purpose and cause. This partnership is long-lasting and effective as per the goals of the law firm.

The long list of legal firms in partnership with the international legal network, Interlegal is one partner that stands out due to its expert and quality services. Interlegal offers its services regarding international legal matters in more than 40 countries all around the world. Following are the quality legal services that are offered by Interlegal:

  • Business transactions/ corporates
  • Intellectual property
  • Family law
  • Litigation
  • Real estate
  • Taxation
  • General fields of practice

The lawyers here invest themselves into the legal network on both professional and personal levels, as maintaining a healthy interpersonal relationship helps the colleagues to discuss their issues openly and open path to new and creative ideas. The Interlegal has more than 500 experts working in 49 firms in 47 countries all over 5 continents of the world.

Some of the reasons to go for Interlegal for international legal matters:

  • It is a partner of the international legal network or ILN
  • The lawyers here have legal expertise and specialization in various jurisdictions and territories
  • Regular seminars to help the attorneys learn about new developments and grow new skills
  • Attorneys have good knowledge of various business cultures acceptable in different markets
  • The legal services offered are reliable and cost-effective. But the costs vary as per the complexity and seriousness of the issue.
  • It offers services to help clients handle the legal issues of their business. It provides locally based lawyers if the client is implicated in multi-cross-border-case and also provides a hands-on approach to a direct project.

The International Legal Network or the ILN was set up with a purpose to help people and businesses get the services as and when required in regard to international legal matters. It has made legal services easily accessible even in areas where it is difficult to find an attorney. The various firms under it offer expertise in various areas of practice and jurisdiction, making it available to everyone. International laws are a difficult thing to understand for everyone, but with the increased global connectivity it is necessary to have knowledge about it. A good law attorney or a good law firm can help to understand and use international law for your best benefits, and the International Legal Network makes it easy for you to find a good international law attorney. It is always better to be prepared in advance and have knowledge of everything you might need.

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