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5 Tips To Stay Safe When in Nashville

Stay Safe When in Nashville

With a live music scene, endless tasty menus, and exciting history around every corner, Nashville, Tennessee, is one of the most well-loved tourist destinations in the United States. Whether you’re one of the lucky few to call Nashville your home or you’re planning a getaway to the Country Music Capital of the World,

Few Tips to Help you Stay Safe

1. Give Yourself Plenty of Space When Driving

The traffic in Nashville can be stop-and-go, so make sure you always give the driver in front of you plenty of space. Not only does this reduce the chances of being in a car accident, but it can also make driving easier. When you leave ample space, you have more room to respond to the driver in front of you slamming their brakes.

Additionally, leaving ample space between nearby vehicles can also help you avoid expensive repairs. Stop-and-go traffic can also be especially harsh on your vehicle, so leaving a little more space between cars helps minimize the wear and tear. If you’re not used to navigating busy city traffic, it may be worth it to rely on other forms of transportation, such as city buses or taxis.

2. Don’t Give Out Personal Information to Strangers

Whether you call Nashville home or are a short-term visitor, you should never give your personal information to strangers. Avoid giving information like your hotel room number, full name, or address. Never let anyone know when you’re traveling alone. This includes not letting your rideshare driver know that you’re returning to an empty home.

3. Know When To Call a Taxi

Nashville is a popular party destination with many alcoholic drinks available. Knowing when to call a rideshare or taxi can help you stay safe and avoid a pricey fine. Make sure you confirm you’re getting into the right car or taxi when they arrive, and keep your GPS on so you can follow the route.

Even if you didn’t drive, contacting a rideshare may still be worth it. A safe ride home also helps prevent a pedestrian accident while avoiding a potential public intoxication charge. The cost of a taxi may not seem initially worth it, but it’s usually the better decision when compared to the expensive costs of a DUI or car accident injury. Of course, you also can’t put a price on your and your passenger’s safety.

4. Learn the Local Laws

It’s always a good idea to brush up on the local laws anytime you visit a new destination. If you plan to rent a car, make sure you know the local speed limits and texting laws. Tennessee recently enacted a Hands-Free Law that prohibits texting and driving. Texting and driving in Tennessee is a primary offense, too, which means that a police officer doesn’t need any other reason to pull you over. In addition to knowing the laws, make sure you develop a plan and know what to do in case you’re in an accident.

Always report a car accident in Nashville to the Tennessee Highway Patrol by dialing *THP.

After reporting the accident and moving to a safe location, the next thing you should do is consider calling a lawyer. Nashville auto accident lawyers can help residents and visitors navigate the complexities of an accident. Many car accident victims require ongoing medical care and may have to take time off from work.

A lawyer can also assist with unique conditions, such as navigating a car accident with a rental vehicle. Filing a personal injury lawsuit can help you recover damages.

5. Avoid Distractions

Distractions can be dangerous in busy cities, whether you’re driving or walking on Nashville roads. Texting and driving in Tennessee is not only illegal but also dangerous. Even texting while walking Broadway Street can put you in a risky position as you’re not able to respond faster to drivers who may run a red light or stop sign. Be aware of your surroundings at all times and wear bright colors so other drivers can notice you at night.

Texting isn’t the only distraction that can be dangerous, either. While texting and driving is the most talked-about distraction, distracted driving can also include interacting with passengers, changing the radio station, or tending to a child in the backseat. Anything that takes your focus off the road while driving is considered a distraction.

Even a minor car accident can ruin your Nashville experience. Taking a few safety precautions can ensure you have a memorable time in Nashville. Understand the local laws and know when it’s best to call a taxi. Avoid distractions and report all accidents as soon as they happen. If you’re injured while in Nashville, consider reaching out to a lawyer as soon as possible to explore your legal options.

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