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Things to Avoid While Flying to Philadelphia

Things to Avoid While Flying to Philadelphia

Are you looking for an exciting place to visit? Then consider touring Philadelphia. The city has various attractions, including the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Independence Hall, and The Liberty Bell. As you enjoy your visit, you should also observe various traveling guidelines to enhance your comfort and remain safe. For instance, various things can make traveling by air quite uncomfortable, especially during long flights. Here are things to avoid during your flight to the city.

Sitting Still for Too Long

Sitting for too long during a flight makes your body experience difficulties with blood circulation, particularly to the legs and back to the heart. Besides, stagnant blood can cause a blood clot, a condition known as deep vein thrombosis. Therefore, it is essential to spare some time to walk around and stretch a bit to maintain your health during your flight.

Ignoring the Safety Briefing

Although some people may view it as obvious or boring, listening to the briefing is essential during a flight. This information can save your life in case something goes wrong. Always take a few minutes to determine the location of the closest emergency exit and the distance from your seat. If an emergency happens when the cabin is smoky or dark, you can measure the distance by counting the rows as you move toward the exit.

Moreover, the safety briefing also helps you to understand how to use various emergency kits, especially if it is your first flight. You should also pay attention to the briefing made at the airport. For instance, airport briefings can be helpful for drivers as they exercise their offsite airport parking method.

Turning off Your Air Vent

If you feel cold during your flight, consider adding some clothing instead of switching off the overhead vent. Allowing the air vent to remain at a medium or high working level enhances cabin air circulation, preventing germs from moving around your sitting space.

Drinking Too Much Alcohol or Carbonated Beverages

Although ordering a carbonated drink during a flight can be tempting, it can cause bloating or heartburn. This will make you quite uncomfortable during the flight and your stay in the city. Moreover, the effect of alcohol during a flight is quicker and makes your motion sickness worse. Drinking too much can also prevent you from connecting to your flight if the gate agents term you intoxicated. Rather than drinking carbonated beverages and alcohol, drink water to remain comfortable and hydrated during your flight.

Using Unpleasant Language to the Flight Attendants

Although a flight can be tiring and stressful, taking frustrations to others doesn’t make it easier or safer. Instead of being aggressive or rude, the best thing is to make the flight attendants be on your side. This makes their work easier while serving your meals and helping during an emergency. Flight attendants also experience various challenges during their work. For instance, it is common for them to remain awake for long hours. You should also be respectful to airport staff and other airport rules to avoid getting into trouble.

Traveling to various places is an exciting way of spending your leisure time. Exercising safe traveling tips helps enhance your safety and comfort, especially during a flight.

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