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3 Tips to Make Your First RV Camping Trip a Huge Success!

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RV camping is a fun way to tour the country and spend time in the great outdoors. Traveling in your own home away from home makes it easy to tour several areas without the hassle of packing and unpacking multiple times. A bit of advance planning helps make your trip a success, especially if this is your first time hitting the road in an RV.

Plan a Short Trip Closer to Home

Plan to make your first trip of RV camping in Columbia SC a short one close to your home. That gives you time to get used to driving and maneuvering the rig on more familiar roads.

Make a Campsite Reservation

RV travel has surged in popularity over the last couple of years and campgrounds fill up quickly. Do some advanced research to select one that has extra amenities you and your family enjoy doing. If you have a large rig, check the campsite specifications to make sure your RV will fit. Likewise, check the pet requirements if Fido is going along on the trip too. If the campground checks all the boxes, make a reservation for a campsite. Knowing you have a confirmed space to camp in keeps you from driving around from campground to campground looking for an available spot.

Practice Using the Features

The time to learn how to operate the slide-outs, use the leveling blocks and flip on the generator is before you leave home. It is also essential you fully understand what black water is and how to successfully dump this into the campground’s holding tank when your trip is complete. Finally, after you’ve mastered these things, give yourself some practice driving your rig on a freeway and backing it into a parking space.

Doing these three things before your first RV trip helps you avoid unexpected surprises on your camping trip and sets you up for success.

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