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Two Reasons Why Your Company Should Use Email Marketing

Company Should Use Email Marketing

As the world of business continues to move its operations onto international online platforms, the world of advertising has needed to keep pace! At one time, physical brochures in the mail were the best way to reach customers, followed by the addition of telephone cold calls angling for your business. Neither of these methods was particularly popular with the recipients, especially once the live callers were replaced with automated robocalls, but enough money was generated that they remained in place for decades. Then along came the internet, and a new horse was added to the race, one that combined the text and images of a paper brochure with the automation and speed of the telephone line. This new contender quickly caught up to and overtook the old ways in the race to gather new customers. The name of this horse is, of course, email!

If you are doing business and want to reach more potential customers, as well as keep in touch with previous purchasers, then your best move is to engage the services of an email marketing agency that knows all the ins and outs of this incredibly profitable form of modern advertising! Marketing emails allow you to make regular contact with people who want to hear from you as well as spread the word beyond! Let’s take a look at just two of the many advantages this dependable workhorse advertising method gives your marketing efforts:

  1. Personalized Content – Everybody likes to hear their name or even read it in an email! They may not think so, but it leaves a much deeper psychological impression than “Dear Madam or Sir” ever can! Place an individualized “Hi, Your Name” in the email subject line and people can’t help but open it to get your message! Email marketing gives you the opportunity to fine-tune messages to your customers based on their purchases and other data so it feels more meaningful since it caters to their personal preferences. The addition of pictures or links to videos that display your goods in the content of the email is another way to draw them back for more purchases! People feel more connected when they get a personalised email, and that makes them happy, and happy people buy things!
  2. Increased Website Traffic – Imagine that your website is your brick-and-mortar store, and an email is an invitation to come to visit. Not only is it an invitation, but it’s also a doorway that leads the recipient directly and instantaneously inside! Your emails can have links to your products as well as to multimedia that engages the customer, such as videos and chat lines! Every email you send brings a chance that your customers will ‘walk-in’ and spend some time shopping!

The official website of the U.S. General Services Administration that relates to online business, Digital.gov touts email marketing as one of the best ways a business can reach their customers and grow their bottom line! We hope this inspires you to implement an email marketing program so your business can join in the profits. Don’t forget to press SEND!

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