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How The WordPress Development Company Is Making Website Development Possible For Everyone

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WordPress has become the most popular web development tool among website and app developers because of the advantages associated with it. Recent research shows that WordPress powers more than 33% of the web. This is an impressive statistic because that proves that more than a quarter of all active websites on the internet are powered by WordPress alone.

Web and app developers love WordPress because it makes their website development project faster. However, that isn’t the only reason why WordPress is popular. Some other reasons include the following:

It is free

WordPress is an open-source platform that is free to use. There may be some features requiring payment, however, the platform itself offers free development service. Again, it provides free hosting services. That is, any website that you design or develop with WordPress is automatically hosted online for free. Now, this is not so if you build your website from scratch because additional fees will be charged for the online hosting service.

It aids faster website development

As said before, web and app developers or builders prefer the WordPress website development platform because it eases their job. All the codes and programming languages required for website development have been done on the WordPress software, thus, providing web developers with easier and quicker tasks. You should be aware of the modern web design characteristics before making a WordPress website for your client.

It is secure

The WordPress server is very secure. Measures aimed at eliminating any potential threat of cyber attacks have been taken. All the same, the WordPress developers are still making concerted efforts at preventing attacks and/or leaving any loopholes for hackers. So basically, WordPress-powered websites are difficult to hack.

It has numerous themes and templates

WordPress has numerous beautifully-designed templates that a web developer can select from to design a website. There are so many business-related themes such as professional business, sophisticated business, elegant business, friendly business, modern business, etc. Besides, if you are starting an online news magazine, wedding blogs, travels site, food/hospitality industry blog, and so on, WordPress is your recommendable option. It has themes that cut across every industry.

It supports social media integration

With WordPress, you can integrate all your social media accounts into your website. This development is great for your business as it accords you the privilege of having various channels by which customers and potential customers can reach you.

It is SEO friendly

WordPress has built-in SEO. This makes the websites running on WordPress to be SEO-friendly. SEO-friendly sites rank high in search engines. This implies that your website will be among the first websites that will be listed when someone uses a search engine to find businesses that are similar to yours. The benefit or advantage here is that your site has a higher chance of attracting visitors because people do not have the luxury of time to be scrolling down and visiting older pages from the search results.

It supports payment gateway

WordPress supports payment gateway. In fact, you can sell products on your blog and receive payments using your PayPal account. A button is created directing your readers to the payment screen where payment activities are done. Similarly, you can include an affiliate link(s) on your website or blog and receive your earnings. So yes, you can make money off your website and blog.

It supports e-commerce

As already discussed, WordPress-powered websites support payment gateway, therefore, are effective for the development of e-commerce sites. Like PayPal, other e-currencies and payment methods can be incorporated or integrated into your e-commerce site.

It has thousands of free plugins and extensions

WordPress offers thousands of free plugins that can be used to add new features to your site and/or blog. Custom plugins are available for web development purposes, so the top web and app developers can help you to customize your site to meet your specific needs. WooCommerce plugins are also used to add the necessary features to an e-commerce store.

It supports content importation

WordPress allows you to import your blog content from other blogging platforms. Also, you can import content from another WordPress website or blog.

It is ideal for content management

WordPress is an open-source web development platform, as mentioned earlier, therefore possible to undertake content management. You can add new content or edit the content on your website without the services of an experienced website developer. For instance, if you are offering a discount, you will need to slash the prices on your website; and if your website was developed with WordPress, carrying out content editing will be quick and very easy for you.

It supports media

WordPress supports media. That is, you can upload pictures and videos to your blog or website. And it is usually advisable to have a website with pictures and videos because they make your website fascinating. People are intrigued by what they see and hear, which is why it is best for your website so that you can convert your site visitors to customers.

Finally, after all that has been said, the reason why WordPress is the most used web development tool or software among web and app developers can be understood. However, it should be known that WordPress is available in a mobile app as well. With the app, you can design a website or blog with your smartphone. You can equally carry out content management with an iPhone or Android phone using the WordPress mobile app. Consequently, WordPress app developers deserve a lot of commendation for such a development because that makes it possible to undertake web development and content management without having to carry a PC around.

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