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Chartering Your Career Course: Steps to Take After Graduation

Chartering Your Career Course

As you approach the end of your studies and your graduation is just around the corner, chances are that you want to start getting set up for success with a great job. While the job market may be a bit tricky right now, there’s always room for fresh talent, and you can be sure to find a great start to your career with some patience. Here are the following tips:

Look for an Internship

If you’re looking for the type of start to your career that allows you to enter the workforce with knowledge and experience in hand, consider the benefits found in doing an internship. As you finish up your studies at one of the trade schools in Sacramento, consider how an internship can set you up for success. It can position you in a company that may notice your skills or provide you with experience that allows you to look for a job post-graduation with more confidence. There are many ways that an internship can help you succeed.

Build/Depend on Your Network

Something that you may have the opportunity to do while in school is attend networking events. From networking possibilities in the industry to events at your school, don’t skip out on the benefits of networking within your desired field. Getting to know an individual with connections in your field of study can open doors for you once you have your degree in hand. After you’ve graduated, it can be helpful to start attending local events that allow you to meet with the people who can get you hired.

Be Proactive On Job Search Engines

Similar to dating apps and finding a partner, finding a job on search engines can be a numbers game. While you may get many no’s in your quest for completion (the perfect job! ), all you need is that one yes that sets you up for a successful career. If you need to send 10–15 resumes out a day to find that job, don’t be afraid to do it. Take time to figure out what employers are looking for and edit your resume to help you get the ball rolling with traction on search engines. It may take time and research to find the ideal job, but once you get it, you’ll be happy you took the time.

Take a Break

While not the most popular opinion, taking a sabbatical from work or studying can be beneficial for you. Going straight from a vigorous study lifestyle at your trade school in San Francisco right into your new career could cause burnout.

Not only that but taking time to figure things out for yourself, such as with traveling or taking simple jobs that have nothing to do with your career, can actually provide you with life knowledge that could be beneficial for your future. It could even bring you across potential opportunities that you wouldn’t have found by jumping straight into the job search right out of college.

Work on a Portfolio

Work on a portfolio

You may not have a lot of work experience just yet, but if you have some skills that you can highlight, creating a portfolio can help you showcase your talent to potential employers. A portfolio can be used instead of a resume when you have yet to bring job experience to the table. This is an especially useful thing to have when you have skills like writing, graphic design, etc. Take time to create a portfolio you can be proud of so that you can confidently apply to the jobs that you want.

In Conclusion

From a portfolio to simply sending out as many resumes as possible, getting a job after graduation can take time and patience. But you’re uniquely positioned to get started at a great company, even if you don’t get your dream job right out of the gate. Through perseverance and patience, you can find the job that sets you up for success.

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