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How to Become a More Appealing Job Candidate

How to Become a More Appealing Job Candidate

Careers are an important aspect of the human experience. To pay for food, shelter, clothes, bills, and everything else, you need a stable source of income. A job is the most popular way to bring in income so that you can cover your various expenses and enjoy all that life has to offer.

Finding the right career is the tricky part of the equation. Even in high school, the pressure to figure out what you want to do for the rest of your life is present. That pressure never really goes away until you retire. Whether you are a fresh college graduate or a twenty-year industry veteran looking to switch careers, your goal is to convince employers of the value you can provide to their companies.

Becoming a more appealing job candidate is a simple concept, but it will require some time and effort on your part. Here are some tips to impress potential employers no matter what stage of life you are in.

Learn Leadership Skills

Effective leaders make great employees. Even if you are starting anew at a company and you are not going to be in charge of others right off the bat, leadership qualities are still valuable at every level of a business. Fostering these skills can open up promotion opportunities in the future and demonstrate to employers that you have a ton of potential.

You could invest in leadership coaching for career development to learn these skills. Maybe you can attend online conferences where you will hear from experienced business leaders in a specific industry that you are interested in. Perhaps you can practice your leadership abilities by volunteering in your local community. Improving as a leader can turn you into a very appealing job candidate.

Become Certified

Many career paths require certifications to land a job or advance past entry-level positions. In particular, healthcare, construction, and marketing often have these requirements for applicants. When an employer in these industries looks at different resumes, they are more likely to pay attention to those that include the required certifications. Becoming certified in various skill sets related to your industry instantly turns you into a more appealing candidate.

For example, applying for jobs in the healthcare industry might be a lot easier if you have already completed your BLS certification training since employers would be able to hire you sooner than those who have not completed it. Prioritize certifications in your industry to demonstrate your commitment to that field of study.

Trim Your Resume

Many job applicants make the mistake of overstuffing their resume with information. They assume that employers want to know about your entire work history to see your full range of experience. But this is not always the case. In fact, many employers want to see an optimized resume that simply highlights relevant information to the position you are applying to. Not many employers are going to care very much about your part-time high school jobs unless they are specifically related to the same industry.

For each job you apply to, your resume should be catered to, highlighting relevant experience for that position. Trim the excess fat from your resume to hold the attention of the hiring manager or recruiter. A bloated resume might be quickly tossed onto the pile without being read. Save some of that extra information for the cover letter or the first interview if you are asked about it.

Follow Up After Applying

Perhaps the most important tip for job-seekers is learning to follow up with employers after applying. Many job positions receive hundreds of applications, and hiring managers will do whatever they can to cut down on wasted time. If your resume fails to stand out, then it can be quickly forgotten. However, if you take the extra step of following up with the right person, then your prospects could vastly improve.

Following up with a simple email shows the employer that you are actually interested in the position and want to hear back. You could simply send a message stating,” Hello (recruiter name), My name is (blank). I recently applied to the position of (job title), and I just wanted to make sure my application and resume were received.” Now they know you are more than just another resume to skim.

Remember to Be a Patient

Job-seekers who are desperate for a career often jump at the first opportunity. However, if you have a little bit of a runway with your savings, it might be better to be patient and wait for the RIGHT opportunity rather than the first one. If you say yes to the first employer that accepts you because you want to be done searching, it is possible this position may not be a good fit if you didn’t take the time to research it and ask questions of the employer. If you can, be patient with your career search so that you can find a long-term job that suits your personality and professional goals.

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