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Transparency and Authenticity in Social Media Store Marketing

Transparency and Authenticity in Social Media Store Marketing

Fair and shared dealing is the key concept in running any business, whether on social media or physically. If you are transparent and authentic in running a social media store, success will kiss your feet. It’s almost always important for your audience to know what you do and how you do it. Don’t forget that a customer is more willing to engage with a social media store owner who is transparent and authentic than one who isn’t.

But how do you build transparency and authenticity in social media store marketing?

If you are interested in reading, then this article will explore all those activities to build a high level of trust between your customers. Let’s get started!

Top Practices To Build Transparency and Authenticity in Social Media Store Marketing

A single solution or step doesn’t lead to success overnight. Even a simple practice of creating transparency and authenticity requires a hull of strategies and considerable things to do.

Therefore, in the below section, I’ve explained some best practices that you can apply for your social media store marketing.

With these, the store will receive a higher level of appreciation, and your customers will spread more word of mouth!

1. Show Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Being more authentic comes when your social media store is widely accepted.

The first step in building transparency and authenticity for your social media store marketing is adding compelling customer reviews and testimonials.

Add reviews and comments when people appreciate your products or services. Share these reviews in the form of post content or on top stories of your brand.

You need to engage with your audience at a higher level.

And this happens when they know that you are trustworthy. Such a level of transparency comes when your brand is full of comprehensive reviews shared by people who are happier with your services.

It’s just like when you create compelling podcasts on Apple to increase your Apple music streams.

When people like your content more, they listen to it attentively and spend more time in engagement!

2. Show Excellent Engagement

Be within your customers when they are appreciating your products or services.

To build authenticity and make more people trust your social media store, bring a higher level of engagement between your audience.

You need to like their comments, reply to their queries in comments, share their content related to your brand on the social profile and do more.

This will make your customers feel appreciated and heard. Moreover, you will help them understand that your process is transparent and authentic in dealing.

3. Deliver More Than What You Describe

We often see social media stores always appraising their products and services to influence customers to buy.

But when the customer receives the final product from these stores, he doesn’t feel happy at all. So, to practice transparency, always deliver what you have been describing so far.

Go above and beyond when your customers are expecting high-quality products from your store. You can send unique packing, add free samples and introduce gifting to your customers.

4. Post Original Content

Don’t go with scripts created by a third entity that doesn’t know anything about your brand at all. Instead, create your own content, which should look natural.

Elaborate the key benefits to your customers about your products. Create short and engaging content which describes transparency and authenticity in your dealings.

5. Be Present When Your Customer Needs You

With this step it completely means answering the queries of your customers. You are supposed to reply as promptly as you can.

This will show that you are highly interested in selling your products. Also, when you quickly reply to your customers, they feel appreciated and heard.

Sometimes, a customer comes for a purchase. And other times, he likes to know more about your offerings.

Provide him with whatever he needs, and it will be a best practice for transparency related to your social media store.

6. Show Behind Scenes Content

Build more transparency and authenticity when you can share your team members with your customers. Don’t feel ashamed to share the profiles of your employees.

Also, let the people know about the process aligned with your product manufacturing. You can share the highlights of the previous month’s sales.

Show Behind Scenes Content

And transparency is also created when you share with the public the screenshots of your website making success.

7. Stay Real, Stay Put

Don’t keep yourself appraising all the time. Instead, educate your customers.

It would be best if you were more concerned about them than yourself. It doesn’t matter if you cannot create fancy videos and have enough budget for advertising to deliver what you have.

All of these practices will build an undying level of transparency for your social media store. But it only happens when you keep your customers first, no matter what!

Last Thoughts:

Your customer won’t trust you overnight. Therefore, you will always have to go above and beyond to practice the best ethics of transparency and authenticity. You can follow all the steps above and create a difference. But if you need further help, don’t forget to ask questions. We’re here to guide you!

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