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Trust-Building Strategies for New Social Media Stores

Trust-Building Strategies for New Social Media Stores

Are you trying hard and still not receiving the trust of your customers for your social media store? Well, if that’s the case, you have come to the right place. Building trust for a newly launched social media store in the eyes of its customers isn’t an easy job. It requires comprehensive planning, well-built strategies, consistency and patience.

But it’s literally not impossible if you are focused on selling quality and more than your customer’s expectations.

So, just stay with me, and this article will explain some trust-building strategies for your new social media store.

Best Trust-Building Strategies for New Social Media Stores:

Put this in your mind that a customer starts building trust with your new social media store when he feels appreciated and finds you professional in your dealings.

In addition to doing so, trust comes when you show authority, which means you showcase your products and services being appreciated by a number of influencers and known celebrities.

Therefore, to cover this up fully, here are some crucial trust-building strategies for your newly launched social media store!

1. Deliver What You Describe

Often, customers feel insecure about making their first purchase on newly established social media stores.

That’s because such stores are hard to trust. But if you are committed to delivering what you are describing to your customers, no one can beat you!

To build trust within your audience, showcase the small videos of your offered products. Let your audience know how your specific product can improve the lives of your customers.

When people find themselves educated about your offerings, they are more willing to place an order.

Receiving your first order drives success and builds high-end success for your newly launched social media store if you deliver what the customer has ordered.

It’s just like increasing podcast likes on Spotify if the people find your podcast helpful, engaging and educative related to their cause.

So, the first trust-building strategy is delivering the same product as the customer has seen on your social media profile.

2. Stay Consistent With Posting On Social Media

Trust comes when people find you fully active on social media.

If you post a promotional or educational post on social media once in a week, it won’t bring any reasonable impact.

But if you are consistent in publishing social media posts 3 to 4 times a week, it will build trust with your audience.

Let them know that you are consistently working on improving their lives and bringing more successful offerings for your customers.

3. Do Open Communication and Show Engagement

If a customer isn’t appreciated, he won’t trust you at all! To build trust, promptly reply to the queries and suggestions of your customers in the inbox of your newly created social media store.

With this, those users will feel more appreciated and listened to. In addition, you can reply to their comments on your social media posts.

Do this when people are asking questions about product availability or pricing. Do like their comments when they send a positive one.

And do appreciate them when they share your content on your profile. All of this will build trust for your customers and make them your loyal partners for a long period.

4. Establish Authority With Higher Customer Following

A social media store, whether running or newly created, is always more trustworthy when it has a significant number of followers.

Having between 10K and 50K followers on your Instagram store profile will help your customers trust you!

This will influence the customers to make a purchase, believing that other people are also doing the same.

So, establish authority by having a significant fan following, which is crucial for building trust for new social media stores.

5. Take Influencer’s Help

Influencers can do their best exercise to influence trust factors between a variety of audiences. Therefore, to build trust, you can also get help from the influencers.

They can freely, or with some money, promote your newly launched social media store.

When they do this, it builds a high level of trust between your existing audience and the audience connected with such influencers.

Take Influencer’s Help

So, this is a good practice for newly launched social media stores to take help from influencers in creating trust between their customers.

6. Promote Seamless Product Return For Customers

What if a customer isn’t happy with your product or the delivery? In those moments, he wants to feel appreciated and take his money back fully.

You can introduce a seamless return for your social media store customers in order to build trust. Let your customer feel concerned when they are willing to return any products due to any reason.

7. Show Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Last but never least practice of building trust for upcoming customers is showing customer reviews and testimonials on your newly launched social media store.

It helps the new customers know about your store better. They can feel connected. They can easily know the quality of your offered products.

Besides, it helps the new customers read positive and negative reviews to build their expectations with your new store!


Building trust is one of the best tools in running a successful social media store. Trust from your customers is highly related when you have just started. It will decide whether you go for a long term or stop selling at all. Therefore, follow all the practices above to bring trust in your dealings. If you are able to build trust between your customers, you won’t need anything else to generate an excellent revenue amount!

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