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Creating Memorable Unboxing Experiences for Social Media Store Customers

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Did you ever wonder how a customer would feel about your store when he or she opens that delivered package to their house? It’s all about how you want this experience to be for a specific customer. Brands or social media stores that want to delight their remote customers are always improving their packaging styles and delivery methods. If a customer isn’t happy the moment he opens the box, there are chances that he won’t leave a good review and become loyal to your social media store brand.

Therefore, there is a significant need to work on creating a memorable unboxing experience for social media store customers.

And this guide will explain how to do it! So, don’t skip reading till the end!

How Do You Create Memorable Unboxing Experience for Social Media Store Customers?

If you are just starting or running a successful social media store, you need to learn this art.

You have to understand that it’s highly crucial for your Instagram store business that your customers are delighted with the experience with your store.

But what exactly can you do to spread a smile on your customer’s face? Here are some key practices that can help you build an everlasting unboxing experience for your store customers.

1. Use Branded Packaging

Consider yourself a brand whether you have just started or are running a social media store.

Whenever you pack the customer’s products, pack them in a unique bag you would like to use at a physical store.

This bag should have your brand color, logo, name and all other related elements on it. Don’t forget to use high-quality bags which the customers can reuse for putting any other stuff into them.

This way, a customer will feel happier and be willing to create an unboxing video for your delivery.

You must know that every customer is an influencer.

And since it’s the age of YouTube and TikTok, people share their recent purchases and their experiences with them on their social media channels.

Whether the motive is to increase TikTok followers on their account or help the customer find good products, they do this by making unboxing videos. So, you should ensure that you always stand out!

2. Send a Thank You Note

You can use a good pen, stylish paper and awesome handwriting to write the best note for the customer. It will help you appreciate the customers shopping for your brand.

Not only your customer will feel appreciated by reading that note. However, the same customer would be willing to share this experience with others in the connections or neighborhood.

3. Add a Free Gift

Some brands believe in offering more than customer’s expectations.

For example, I recently ordered a laptop stand, and they gave me a free beautiful pen inside the box.

Add a Free Gift

Even if it costs nothing, I was delighted to see that pen more than appraising the quality of my ordered product.

The same thing you can do for your own social media store. Add a free gift when a customer orders for the first time or a loyal one who has previously used your service.

This will create a stunning unboxing experience for your user.

4. Insert The Bio of the Person Who Made The Product

Sometimes, people are more interested in knowing who made the product with what motive. You can add a short description either on the product tag or separately.

This will help them learn more about the product’s history. And they will be pleased to share such stories with other people around them.

5. Use Comprehensive Elements for Best Unboxing experience

Some brands or social media stores like to do it in a different way.

They are more focused on using a variety of stickers and other elements in the packaging to make it more attractive and attention-grabbing.

Just in case you don’t know what to do, here are some key elements you can use in the packing for a customer ordering a product from your social media store.

  • Boxes
  • Tissue Papers
  • Fillers
  • Taping
  • Recipient
  • Brand promotional material
  • Stickers or extra gift
  • Free samples

And everything else to create a stunning delivery experience.

6. Introduce Winning an Exciting Price When A Customer Makes Unboxing Video

Peruse your customers to create unboxing videos and send them to your store with a certain coupon code.

Also, advertise that a person could win a handsome free gift in a contest when that coupon or his name appears in the competition.

This way, people will be interested in making more unique unboxing videos. If those people are influencers on social media, you can ask them to post these videos or their unboxing experience on their social media accounts.

This will do brand promotion for your social media store. And bring more people to buy your product.

Wrapping Up:

To create an everlasting unboxing experience for every customer who buys your product or service, do more than what you are capable of doing. Give them free gifts or samples. Send them amazing packing boxes with unique branding. Send Thank You notes and much more so that your customer will not only be happier with this. But he should be motivated enough to post your services online!

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