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Brandi Worley Murdered Her Two Children

Brandi Worley: A Mother Who Killed Her Child Tyler and Charlee Worley

Brandi Worley – an Indiana woman, killed her two children after her husband filed to divorce her. Now Brandi Worley is in her punishment of maximum life imprisonment for this brutal murder case.

Tyler, the seven years old boy, and Charlee, a 3-year girl child, died due to their parents’ toxic relationship. Is there any more reason behind this death or any conspiracy? Why did a mother need to kill her child? Is it only to take revenge on her husband or anything else?

Who Is Brandi Worley

Brandi Worley is a woman from Darlington, Indiana, who came into the limelight after murdering her two children, Tyler and Charlee. As per her husband, Jason Worley, Brandi has a relationship with their neighbor. So, Jason wanted to divorce Brandi and take their kids away. Brandi wanted to take revenge and killed two children.

A Knife That Wrote The Saddest Tragedy Of The World

A Knife That Wrote The Saddest Tragedy Of The World

At night, after dinner, Jason was playing with her two kids. Brandi completed the rest of the household and stashed the knife in Tyler’s bedroom. Jason said the last ‘Goodnight’ to his kids.

In filicide cases, there are many cases of abusive parentship. Unfortunately, none of them matched this tragic story. Tyler is seven years, and Charlee is three years old. They are two kids of Brandi Worley and her husband, Jason.

Tyler was sleeping then, and Brandi woke him up and asked him to go with her to her sister Charlee’s room. Tyler followed her mother.

Once Tyler and Brandi reach Charlee’s room, Brandy attacks him with her sharp knife. Tyler never saw his mother in this way. He most probably was thinking about those childhood days when he used to play with his father and mother. Tyler died on the spot.

Charlee woke up at that time. She asked her mother, but Brandi said ‘Nothing’. Charlee overlooked her brother. After Charlee sleeps again, Brandi attacks her daughter too.

Brandi then attached herself to the knife also. She also wanted to die with his two kids. As per the report, these siblings had wounds on their necks.

What Happens Next!

Brandi’s mother got a phone call from her daughter. She rushed to the spot and found the lifeless bodies of her two grandparents. She screamed out, and Jason woke up, sleeping in the basement. These two kids were covered with a blanket.

Brandi called 911 and said she had killed her two kids. When police arrived at the scene, they saw the bodies of Tyler and Charlee in Charlie’s room. Brandi sat beside the bodies with a deep sound on her neck and reportedly said, ‘ Now you can’t take my kids from me.

Brandi Worley: Story of a Mother Who Murdered Her Child Just Because Her Husband Asked For a Divorce

Why Brandi Worley Killed Her Child

Brandi kills her kids after the day when Jason filed a divorce case against her. In that situation, it was her only choice to kill the children.

The murder was pre-planned. Before the mishap, Brandi accompanied her daughter to her dance practice. After they returned to their home, they had dinner.

Tyler needed some drain cleaners for his school project. So, Brandi went to Walmart to purchase those things. Along with the project items, Mrs. Worley also purchased the knife that didn’t let Tyler finish his school project.

Should This Brutality End Up With an Imprisonment of The Murder

Should This Brutality End Up With an Imprisonment of The Murder

After the funeral of Tyler and Charlee, the court gave imprisonment to their mother, Brandi Worley. By this time, this case also gained international attention with the effort of Philip DeFranco- a YouTuber.

Philip and Brandi Worley’s neighbor also helped Jason to get a fund for the funeral of Tyler and Charlee with the GoFundMe campaign. In a few weeks, this fund rose to $50,000.

Initially, Brandi did not plead guilty to this crime. She waited for the trial while recovering from a made-up wound on her neck. As the prosecutors filed a charge against her, she claimed that she claimed to get an insanity defense.

Finally, in March 2018, the judge gave Brandi Worley 120 years of improvement. Brandi remained silent when listening to her punishment and Brandi Worley is now in prison.

Now, Brandi is in Indiana Women’s Prison in Indianapolis, Indiana. The report says Brandi now suffers from depression, and she always exists in an emotional stage.

In the interrogation with her attorney Mark Inman, he said that Brandi dealt with the situation this way. At that time, she had nothing to do. Even after committing the crime, Brandi doesn’t know why she has done it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is Brandi Worley?

Brandi Worley is an Indiana woman who killed her child. It was due to taking revenge on his husband, Jason. Now she is given imprisonment of 120 years for such a crime.

Q: Who is Jason Worley

Jason Worley was a software engineer and the ex-husband of Brandi Worley, who killed her own child.

Q: Where Is Brandi Worley Now?

Now, Brandi Worley is in Indiana Women’s Prison in Indianapolis, Indiana. She will spend the rest of her life in this state due to the murder of her kids.


Now you know everything about Brandi Worley’s murder case. Such a case is sporadic in history. A sort of anxiety, depression, toxicity, the fight of ego – everything resulted in the murder of that innocent child.

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