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Everything About Tower Of God Season 2 and Expected Release Date

Tower of God Season 2


  • There hasn’t been any official confirmation of Tower of God Season 2.
  • Recently in August 2022, the update of Crunchyroll Expo to be working on its production so we can expect the upcoming season will be coming out in 2023.
  • Season 2 of the series will introduce many new characters along with sustaining a major part of the old cast.

Tower of God is an anime adaptation of the South Korean webcomic series of the same name. Premiered in 2020, the anime achieved a height of crazy vogue within only 13 episodes.

Due to its immense popularity, its renewal into a second season was highly anticipated by Otakus. From Crunchyroll remaining dormant about its renewal for more than a year the speculations shot up. So, Here is everything from the release date to the expected cast and story you need to know about season 2 of Tower of God.

Brief Introduction About the Series

Total Number of Seasons1
Total Number of Episodes13
First Episode Date01-Apr-20
Final Episode Release Date24-Jun-20
Dark Fantasy
Based OnA South Korean manhwa released as a webtoon written and illustrated by Lee Jong-hui
Written ByErika Yoshida
Directed ByTakashi Sano
ProducerJoseph Chou
Production CompaniesTelecom Animation Film

When Tower of God Season 2 is Coming Out?

The internet has been buzzing with the expected date of the renewal of the Tower of God into the second part. But, there haven’t been any official claims confirming them.

Since the anime was off-air in June 2020, Crunchyroll has been mysteriously silent about its season 2.

Recently in August 2022 the update of Crunchyroll Expo to be working on its production and update regarding its renewal was made official. We can expect that the second season will come in 2023.

According to Crunchyroll’s official website, the Tower of God will be released in these territories; Central America, North America, South America, Oceania, the Middle East, CIS, Europe, and Africa.

Tower of God Season 2 Release Date: Latest Spoilers

The first season of Tower of God attained a rating of 7.7 out of 10 on IMDB. The success of season one was the pivotal indicator of its revival into a second installment. Also on the global platform Myanimelist, it is rated 7.59.

In 2020, the creators of the anime took a break due to their mental health concerns. But they are now again expecting its release or at least renewal news in 2023.

Through some alleged sources, an interview with the director of Crunchyroll in May 2020 revealed its soon-to-be-announced renewal. They concluded It is safe to say season 2 of Tower of God will be renewed at some point in the future.

Season 2 of the anime is also about to feature 13 episodes similar to season one. However, this is only speculation with no official backup.

Expected Season 2 Cast

The characters of Tower of God in season 1 won the hearts of millions. You can expect most of the cast of season 1 in the second part. The premise of the first part of Tower of God indulges a good sum of characters showing a great arc of development.

Bam is the leading character in the anime. He is naturally skilled and possesses some magical powers. Another lead who kept viewers in awe throughout season 1 is Rachel. Bam has some unhealthy obsessiveness over Rachel which drives power to her. Neither Rachel nor Bam knows Shinsu’s skills. But they are in contracts if judged on strength parameters.

Tower of God cast

Kazuyuki OkitsuEvan Edroch
Trent MillsLero Ro
Chris HackneyKhun Aguero Agnes
Cherami LeighAnaak Jahad
Valerie Rose LohmanRachel
Johnny Yong BoschBam
Matthew David RuddRak Wraithraiser
Scott WhyteShibisu
Hochu OtsukaHeadon
Kira BucklandYuri Jahad
Christina ValenzuelaSerena
Jeannie TiradoEndorsi Jahad
Toshinari FukamachiHatz

Tower of God Season 2 Plot

Created by SIU, Tower of God is famous among Japanese anime lovers for another name; “Kami no Tou”. In the Korean language, it is called “Sin-ui-Tap”.

The mysterious tower theme of Tower of God delivered some nail-biting thrill in its first installment. The anime has a lot of action to offer. Our central character Bam, who is our mc as well, is set on tour to the top of the tower in his search for his beloved Rachel.

In the last episode of the finale of season 1, we saw Rachel turn evil for Bam as the tower favors him. She envied Bam to the extent that she even pushed him into the Shinsu Lake.

But Bam survived.

The story of this dark-fantasy adventure is about to get more interesting in season 2 with Bam overcoming every struggle to reach the top of the tower to find out why Rachel betrayed him.

Season 2 of Tower of God will introduce many new characters along with sustaining a major part of the old cast.

Tower of God Season 2

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will Tower of God Episode 14 Premiere?

Episode 14 of Tower of God will get featured as episode 1 of season two of the thrilling anime. It is expected to make a return in 2023, though the official release date of the series hasn’t been disclosed.

2. Will Tower of God have a Season 2?

Yes, the series will have a season 2. In August 2020, Crunchyroll through their official platform shared news about the renewal of the series into season 2.

3. What will be the Name of Season 2 of the Series?

The second season of the series is named “Tower of God: The Return of the Prince”.

4. Is There any Trailer for Tower of God Season 2?

No, the officials haven’t announced any trailer for the upcoming season.

5. What is Baam 25th?

Baam was the son of Arlen Grace and V, who was killed by a jealous Zahard. Baam stands as a Jesus figure in the anime series which somewhat explains having his birthday on the same day. Rachel especially highlights his birthday by calling him Baam-The twenty Fifth.

6. Was the Tower of God Anime Series Successful?

Yes, it would be safe to say that it was a very famous anime. It captured a rating of 7.7 and 7.59 on IMDB and MyanimeList respectively. These numbers speak volumes about its popularity among fans.


So, as we have reached the end we can conclude the release date of the anime Tower of God to be set somewhere in 2023.

The second installment of this South Korean anime adaptation could be watched on its official platform Crunchyroll. There isn’t anything known about the second part of the series apart from its official trailer. Therefore, let’s keep our fingers crossed for the second part to make a comeback soon. Just stay tuned to Inspirebuddy to get new updates like this.

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