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5 Common Mirror Decorating Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

5 Common Mirror Decorating Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

If you’re planning on selling your home in the near future, you’d better do everything you can to make it shine. You don’t want your house to look dated or tacky.

But how do you accomplish this? Making better decorating choices isn’t as easy as it sounds. Want to know more? Here are some common mirror decorating mistakes and how you can avoid them.

Read on!

Mirror Decorating Mistakes to Avoid while Decorating Your Home

1. Unbalanced Placement of Mirrors

Mirrors can be an attractive addition to any room. However, improper placement of them can lead to visually unappealing results. Unbalanced placement of mirrors can make a room appear off-kilter or asymmetrical, which can be unsettling to view.

To avoid this, try to ensure they are placed symmetrically to those around them. Be aware of surrounding objects, such as a side table, and make sure it is accounted for in the mirror placement.

2. Ignoring Ceiling Height

When decorating with a mirror, it is common to overlook the mirror hanging height from the ceiling. Many homeowners are unaware that this could have an effect on the overall look of the room.

If the mirror is hung too low, the walls of the room can appear to be shorter than intended. If the mirror is hung too high, the room can appear to be too narrow.

3. Featuring Too Many Small Mirrors

Featuring too many small mirrors can detract from the overall design. To avoid this, create interest and depth by utilizing a mix of mirrors in various sizes and shapes.

Instead of filling a wall with identical types of mirrors. Use the larger ones as focal points and layer in smaller mirrors in a way that complements the design.

When deciding on an arrangement, consider the size of the wall and the size of the mirror relative to the space. And if you’re still not sure, opt for a single long mirror to create a dramatic effect that is sure to draw attention. You can even choose your long wall mirrors here!

4. Not Considering the Reflection of the Surrounding Surfaces

People unknowingly put up a beautiful new mirror that reflects the floor, walls, or other surfaces in a way that creates a chaotic effect in the room. To avoid this, take into consideration the color and patterns of furniture and wall hangings.

Be aware of the material used for the walls and flooring so that your mirror is reflected in the most subtle manner. If possible, use a small shelf or table near the mirror to hide the source of the reflection and to create a unique look.

5. Forgetting to Personalize the Space

The best way to avoid this mistake is to incorporate meaningful pieces that reflect your personal style. Add photos, paintings, and other items that are important to you to the wall around the mirror to create an inviting and personal space.

Consider using wall decals that can be easily adjusted and changed. The decals will give you the flexibility to reflect your evolving style alongside your favorite photos and works of art.

Avoid These Common Mirror Decorating Mistakes Today

Decorating is a fun and easy way to add style and individuality to your home. By avoiding common mirror decorating mistakes, you can use mirrors to make a huge impact on any space.

Explore your options today to see how mirrors can make the perfect addition to your home!

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