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Why You Should Set Up Whole-Home Surge Protection

You’re probably familiar with plug-in surge protectors. Many people use them for expensive electronics, like computers and TVs. As the name implies, these devices can protect your stuff in the event of a power surge. During a power surge, the voltage level on a circuit can increase dramatically. This can destroy expensive electronics and appliances.

Power surges are relatively common. You may experience one after power is restored during a blackout. Faulting wiring can also result in surges. Lightning is a common and hard-to-predict cause of power surges. Whatever the cause, these surges can be a significant risk to your property, health, and well-being.

Did you know that you can actually get whole-home surge protectors? If your home is filled with expensive electronics, like many modern households, then you should closely consider bringing a surge protector that will cover the entire house. The same is true for businesses. A power surge could wipe out expensive equipment and tools. Even if you’re not big into technology, a surge protector could protect your family and their health.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of surge protectors that will cover a household. If you’re interested in such solutions, you should contact a whole-home surge protection installation service.

Reduce the Risk of Electrical Fires

A power surge can increase the risk of electrical fires breaking out. One way such a fire can happen due to a surge is by causing a specific appliance to overheat. The appliance could then catch fire, and the flames could quickly spread. Each year, electrical fires cost lives and cause widespread damage. The right surge protection solutions can reduce risks.

Keep the Lights On

A power surge could blow out the light bulbs in your home or other property. This can result in expensive replacement costs and could also leave you in the dark. If this happens at night or during a storm, it could create additional safety risks. You can also protect your fuses and circuit breakers, which could result in even more savings.

Protect Your Work

There’s a good chance that someone in your household works from home or studies from the house. If so, they likely have essential documents and digital files on their computer or other devices. If a power surge destroys a computer, not only could you lose the equipment, but you might also lose the files. This could result in trouble at work or failing to meet deadlines at school.

Further, a power surge might knock out your electrical system for a period of time, even if specific appliances and pieces of equipment aren’t destroyed. This could also impact your ability to complete work for school or your employer. If you want to stay productive, the right surge protection solutions can play a crucial role.

Businesses should also consider surge protection solutions that can protect their operations. A power surge could disrupt and perhaps even destroy an organization’s ability to do business. Lost assets and an inability to meet demand could result in the organization’s failure.

Protect Appliances

Most, if not all, of your appliances will be connected to the electric grid. Your fridge, computers, TVs, video game systems, sound systems, washing machine, water heater, etc., may run off the grid. If a significant power surge hits your home, it could wipe out multiple appliances at once. The costs to repair and replace everything could be astronomical.

Enjoy a Lower Electric Bill

A power surge can increase how much energy your household draws. This can actually raise your electric bill. A surge protector covering your whole home could prevent this, thus saving you money when it comes time to pay the electric company.

Enjoy Peace of Mind

At the end of the day, surge protection solutions can provide peace of mind. No matter your specific concerns, having to worry about power surges can be stressful. Why put up with that stress when you can resolve it with the right equipment and solutions?

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