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How to Clean a Patio: The Only Checklist You’ll Need

How to Clean a Patio: The Only Checklist You'll Need

As the cold weather sets in, patios start to look dusty and grimy. Years of wear and tear can make a patio look unsightly. So can the salts and airborne contaminants that have accumulated throughout the months. Thankfully, a thorough spring patio cleaning is all you need to restore it to its former glory.

While you need to scrub your floors throughout the year, fall and winter are the best times to give your patio extra TLC. So how can you clean a patio in the autumn months?

We have everything you need to know about how to clean the patio. Read on for all of our top tips for transforming it back into its sparkling self.

How to Clean a Patio

1. Gather The Essential Cleaning Tools

Gather the essential cleaning tools for outdoor patio cleaning. It’s important to have the right items for the job. Start by gathering a hose, a scrub brush, a broom, a bucket, an all-purpose cleaner, a patio cleaner, and a non-scratch scrubbing pad.

If you plan to pressure wash, be sure to get a pressure washer specifically made for cleaning decks and patio surfaces. Be sure to wear protective eyewear and gloves to keep your skin and eyes safe while cleaning. All of these tools are necessary for cleaning your patio so you can begin with a clean slate.

2. Remove Debris, Leaves, And Insects

The first thing to do to clean patios is to remove debris like leaves and insects. This can be done by sweeping with a broom or using a vacuum for an extra-thorough job. To effectively remove insects, you should treat the area with insect repellent as well as a powerful insecticide.

Additionally, you should use a power washer to spray down the patio. This will help to further remove debris, leaves, and insects, as well as help to sanitize the area. This simple, yet comprehensive, cleaning checklist is all you’ll need to effectively rid your patio of leaves and insects.

3. Pressure Wash Or Scrub Surfaces

Pressure washing or scrubbing surfaces is an essential step for exterior home cleaning. A pressure washer should be large enough and powerful enough to tackle the job, and a mild detergent can be used in conjunction with the pressure washer for even better results. When it comes to patio cleaning, a reliable pressure washer can make a world of difference, and Hotsy Equipment Company offers the perfect solution.

Scrubbing surfaces should always be done with a soft brush and mild detergent and then rinsed with a garden hose or pressure washer if needed. This is the best way to remove visible dirt and debris, and it will prevent any etching or scratching that can occur using a pressure washer.

If this chore feels too daunting, you can always call and see this pressure washing service to save you time and effort.

4. Apply Patio Furniture Protectant

Cleaning your patio and applying patio furniture protectant is an important task to ensure your patio furniture remains in good condition. Apply the patio furniture protectant. Make sure to wear protective gloves and follow the instructions on the furniture protectant packaging.

Check all instructions as certain types need to be applied in specific conditions, such as in full direct sunlight or in dry. To ensure that your patio furniture is adequately protected, wait a few hours before touching the furniture or putting it back on the patio. Following these steps will help keep your patio furniture clean and looking great.

5. Finish With A Cleaning Sealant For Long-Term Protection

First, prepare the patio for the sealing process. Apply the sealant by following the instructions on the product label. Gently spread the sealant onto the patio, making sure to cover every inch. Let the sealant dry according to the instructions.

Finally, finish with a cleaning sealant for long-term protection. A quality sealant will protect the patio from harsh UV rays, rain, chemical spills, and freeze/thaw cycles. It will help to reduce discoloration and save you time and hassle down the line. Apply an additional coat of sealant at least once a year to ensure the best results.

6. Dealing With Mildew And Mould

To properly clean a patio when it comes to dealing with mildew and mold, it is crucial to never tackle the job half-heartedly. If there are noticeable patches or discolorations on the surface, then you must use a fungicide to kill any existing mold and mildew.

A gentle scrubbing of the surface with an appropriate cleaning solution is advised to loosen any adhered dirt and mold from the surface, followed by a thorough rinsing to clear away all cleaning chemicals. Finally, it is important to dry the area as much as possible to avoid any further growth of mold or mildew.

7. Create A Maintenance Schedule

Creating a maintenance schedule is key to keeping your patio looking great. You should wipe down all the furniture and surfaces with a damp cloth at least once a month. If your patio is brick or concrete, hosing it down with soap and water about once a week will help keep it clean.

Finally, depending on the type of patio surface, you may need to use a specialized cleaner or sealer to protect the material from weather damage and staining. Of course, proper care also means regular inspections to look for any repairs that may need to be done. Following these steps will help ensure that your patio looks great all year round.

8. De-Cluttering Your Patio

It is important to de-clutter your patio before beginning a deep clean. First, remove any furniture that may be blocking direct access to the areas of the patio you will be cleaning. Second, organize and put away any outdoor decorations, planters, outdoor pillows, and any other objects that could impede your cleaning. Finally, discard any trash or debris that may be on the patio.

De-cluttering your patio can be challenging and time-consuming, but it can pay off in the long run. Following this simple checklist will ensure that your patio is spotless and ready for year-round use.

9. Covering And Protecting Furniture

Covering and protecting furniture is an important part of cleaning a patio. Before beginning any cleaning job, you should make sure that all furniture is properly covered. This can be easily done with old blankets, sheets, or tarps. For larger pieces, plastic furniture covers from a local hardware store can be used.

Once the furniture is protected, it should be moved away from any areas you’ll be cleaning to prevent coming into contact with any dirt, soap, or other cleaning products. This should help keep furniture and any items you may have stored on it protected.

10. Clearing The Area

Clearing the area is an important step in cleaning a patio. Start by taking all furniture, décor, and any other items off of the patio, ensuring that they are all stored properly. If possible, move the furniture onto a nearby lawn as this will make it easier to reach every corner.

11. Brighten Your Patio Fixtures

Brightening the patio fixtures can be an easy and inexpensive way to add a fresh and inviting look to your patio. To start, take your patio furniture outside and give it a thorough cleaning with a soft cloth to remove any dust or dirt that has accumulated. Next, you’ll need to scrub the furniture with a heavy-duty cleaner, such as a deck cleaning solution, and allow it to dry completely before moving on to the next step.

From there, use a stainless steel cleaner and a soft sponge to bring back the luster of your outdoor furniture. Finally, buff the surfaces with a soft cloth to bring the shine back and allow them to dry. With this effort, you’ll have brightened the look of your patio fixtures and given your outdoor area the perfect amount of sparkle and charm.

12. Use A Power Washer For Concrete Or Stone Patios

It is important to clean a patio regularly in order to maintain both its appearance and function. The only checklist you will need is outlined below. First, assess the condition of the patio for any signs of wear and tear or damage. You will need a power washer to clean the stone or concrete patio.

Inspect the power washer and ensure it is properly set before cleaning the patio with it. Adjust the nozzle to the desired setting and clean the patio in sections. If you’re looking to clean your patio, using a power washer on your stone or concrete patio is an effective way to get the job done.

Learning How to Clean Patios

Cleaning your patio is time-consuming, but this checklist will make it less daunting. Remove debris, scrub dirt, rinse, dry, and beautify the area with accessories. Keeping up with patio cleaning can help maintain a pleasant outdoor area, giving you and your guests the ultimate outdoor experience.

So, don’t delay, get to tidying and follow this handy checklist to get the job done. By following this simple checklist of how to clean your patio, you can be sure your patio will stay in pristine condition for years to come. Periodically cleaning your patio is essential for success and a great way to protect your investment.

Interested in learning more? Then be sure to explore our blog for all of the answers to your question!

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