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Install a mini-split and sleep well

Install a mini-split and sleep well

Installing a mini split system may seem like a simple task. In fact, even professional installers often make mistakes that lead to serious problems later on. If you’re looking for a mini split installation near me but have doubts about getting quality service, learn about common installation mistakes to prevent them.

Wrong Line Set Placement

A common installation error is to place the line sets on the wrong side of the indoor heads. This may later require removal of a wall (usually drywall) to disconnect the refrigerant lines when servicing the equipment. This not only complicates but also increases the cost of maintenance, requiring additional room renovations in the future.

The best solution is to mount the indoor unit on the interior walls in such a way as to allow easy access for maintenance, for example through a removable decorative panel. This allows easy disconnection of the freon pipes and drainage without destroying the finish.

Improper Pipe and Drainage Installation

Another common problem is improper laying of copper pipes and drainage hoses. Pipe bends should be as smooth as possible, and the route itself should follow the shortest path. Otherwise, the risk of clogs, noise and vibration increases.

It is important to make sure that when leaving the indoor unit and heading outside, the drainage line has a slope of at least 5 degrees, so that water does not flow back into the room, causing leaks.

Drainage damaged during installation can also cause serious leaks and damage to the finish of the room. As a rule, experienced professionals do not make such mistakes, but you should be prepared for the fact that everyone can make a mistake.

It would be best if you realized that no one is also immune to possible clogging of the drain line and leaks during the operation of the mini-split. Nevertheless, the appearance of leaks in the next couple of months after installation may indicate both a malfunction of the device and possible errors during installation.

Leaky Pipe Connections

The problem of poor quality connections of pipelines is actual for any split-systems. Even minimal leakage of refrigerant over time leads to a drop in performance and breakdowns.

Unfortunately, such defects of installation do not appear immediately but after months or years. Therefore, it is especially important to monitor them during the installation phase.

Refrigerant leakage is usually indicated by a drop in heating or cooling output, frozen coils, and hissing sounds coming from the mini split. Although these defects may only become apparent over time, it is important to repair them promptly to prevent further serious damage to the system.

Errors in wiring

Carefully review the mini-split manufacturer’s recommendations for electrical requirements. If necessary, have an electrician inspect the wiring for continuity and grounding. Unreliable contacts in the junction box or improper wiring can result in failure of the control board or mini-split compressor.

To avoid costly repairs in the future, make sure the installer makes the wiring correctly.

And if your mains voltage is constantly fluctuating, be sure to use a surge protector when wiring to protect your system components.

Lack of testing after installation

A responsible technician should thoroughly test the system in your presence after the installation is complete. This will help to identify and eliminate hidden defects that can lead to breakdowns. In particular, testing the system under pressure will immediately detect refrigerant severe leaks.

Unfortunately, some installers neglect this important step. Always insist on checking the system’s operation before you pay.

Choosing the right contractor

To avoid such problems, it is important to choose an experienced and responsible contractor:

1. First, make sure that he has a license and permits to perform this type of work.

2. Second, pay attention to the reviews of other clients – this will help to assess the quality of services provided.

3. Third, demand a written contract with all the nuances: terms, guarantees, and cost.

4. Fourth, do not agree to install the equipment without a preliminary inspection of the room and consultation. During this meeting, you will be able to assess the competence of the professional by analyzing his recommendations.

5. Finally, quality installation involves mandatory testing of the system in your presence before commissioning.

In San Diego, Accord Air can provide you with all of this. With the help of the professionals at this company, you can rest assured that there will be no unexpected unpleasant surprises once your mini-split system is installed. This means you can take it easy and sleep soundly while enjoying comfortable temperatures at any time of the year.

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