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Why The Local Professional Plumber Beats The Handyman Hands Down In Australia

Local Professional Plumber in Australia

Almost everyone in Australia knows a guy who can pretty much put his hand to anything and he is commonly referred to as a jack of all trades or the local handyman. It seems that there is no job too big, too small or difficult for his never-ending skills and one of the main selling points of his services is that he is cheaper than using professionals. I suppose it is human nature to want to have to cut costs whenever you can but many people go on to regret this decision and especially so when it comes to important things like your plumbing around your home or business.

It may be the case that the local handyman is useful for doing simple things like hanging pictures or replacing the hinges on a door but you need to be smart because if he uses the wrong tool, turns the wrong nut or applies the incorrect washer then your home or business property could fill up with water very quickly indeed. This is why it makes sense to turn to your professional local plumber who not only has gone through the relevant training, has all of the right tools and has essential insurance for peace of mind but they are also incredibly affordable as well.

The following are just some of the many reasons why your local professional plumber beats the local handyman hands down every single time all across Australia.

Three Main Reasons are as Under:

1. He Guarantees his Work

A professional plumber will stand over any work that he has completed within your property and in the very unlikely event that as a result of his skills, you experience a plumbing issue then he will be more than happy to come out to your property and fix it for free. No such guarantee comes from the local handyman and you only get what you see and nothing more.

2. He has the Requisite Insurance

Australia is a very health and safety-conscious country and we are better for it. This means that any professional plumber needs to have the required insurance in place so that in the event that something goes wrong all eventualities are covered. No such insurance exists with the local handyman and he will just walk away and ignore the problem.

3. He knows what he’s Doing

A professional plumber has to pass a number of examinations and then he needs to be time served before he can pick up any tools to address any plumbing problems. He knows exactly what he’s doing and the job will be completed quickly and professionally. The same cannot be said for the local handyman and he will pretty much tell you that he’s done this kind of thing before even though he hasn’t.

It is fair to say that the local handyman is what is commonly known as a ‘chancer’ and will say yes to any job that you ask them about even though he lacks the skills, the tools and the necessary know-how.

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