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Unique Designs To Inspire Your Pennsylvania Custom Outdoor Living Space

Unique Designs To Inspire Your Pennsylvania Custom Outdoor Living Space

Have you always dreamed of a beautiful outdoor living space where you can kick back and relax? Do you look forward to hosting outdoor parties on your custom deck? We have compiled this guide to help you create your ideal Pennsylvania custom outdoor living space. Whether you have a small or open budget, you’re sure to find value in these design inspirations.

Incorporate a Small Pool

Why choose between a deck and a pool? With the right design, you can have both. Build a custom deck around an existing pool, or design your deck with a small pool in mind. You don’t need a ton of space to incorporate a small dipping pool, and outdoor pavers can provide an elegant finishing touch to your outdoor oasis. You could also opt for a hot tub instead, which will be a nice addition to your home during Pennsylvania’s fall.

Use Water Features To Highlight the Space

If you have limited space, a water feature may be a better option than a pool. Water features, such as flowing fountains or waterfalls, can be a great addition that turns your backyard into a relaxing oasis. Fish ponds add tranquility to your backyard. A patio spillway is a standalone water feature that can help you cool off on a hot summer day while also adding a unique design element to your backyard. Just imagine sitting back and listening to the audio sounds of your flowing fountain or trickling waterfall.

Design Using Fire Elements

Take your custom deck design to a new level with fire designs. You and your family will enjoy sitting near the fire features in the fall. Fire and water combinations allow you to enjoy your outdoor space through all of Pennsylvania’s hot summer and chilly fall days. A fire pit can also be your deck design’s focal point, giving it a one-of-a-kind result. Choose a contemporary design with lava rocks and a rain cover for a unique design.

Getting creative is one of the best parts of designing your custom deck. A quick search for ‘custom deck builder near me’ can help you find the deck contractors near you capable of turning your design dreams into a reality.

Create a Bright Deck Using Exterior Lights

Adding light features to your home’s exterior allows you to enjoy your custom deck late into the evening hours. You have a lot of options when it comes to lighting your outdoor space. You could hang LED string lights for an easy lighting option. You could also install built-in LED lights that require less maintenance. Some people may prefer outdoor lights with features like motion-activated sensors or a solar-powered design. You can also use your built-in fireplace or fire pit as a light source for your deck.

Add Lots of Plants and Flowers

Make your custom deck feel like a tropical retreat by incorporating lots of plants and flowers into the design. You might design your custom deck using a lot of built-in flower boxes. Built-in flower pots on the deck can also give it a unique, relaxing vibe. Even better, adding plants or flowers to your outdoor deck can add privacy to your space. You can use carefully placed plants or trees to block your neighbor’s views so you can enjoy a quiet retreat away from the rest of the world.

If you already have an existing deck, adding a trellis or pergola can give you added space for plants or flowers. A deck can also reduce your landscape maintenance requirements. Regular landscaping is important to maintaining your yard and the curb appeal of your home, but it can take up many hours per week.

Make Entertainment a Priority

Make your outdoor deck a place for entertainment with a built-in TV, radio, or bar. You and your family can also come up with a custom design that matches your unique preferences. For example, you might install an outdoor table that converts into a gaming table. You might build a small outdoor deck space so you can catch up on work outdoors. Don’t forget to add ample seating, not only for you and your family but also for visitors. Built-in benches are a great way to add more seating without having to give up floor space.

If you enjoy cooking or baking, consider adding a built-in kitchen to your custom design. You can incorporate a stove, oven, or pizza stone to cook your family’s favorite meals. A custom bar also allows you to whip up your favorite alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages.

An outdoor custom deck compliments you and your family’s outdoor plans. Whether you spend your time serving delicious meals or sitting around a fire pit, the options are endless. Work with your local custom deck designers to create an outdoor space that you and your family are sure to love all year long.

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