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The Causes of Pinhole Leaks in Plumbing

pinhole leaks in plumbing

When it comes to the plumbing in your home or business, the last thing you want to have is a pinhole leak.

Pinhole leaks in plumbing systems are a common and very frustrating problem for homeowners and business owners alike. Pinholes are tiny, little leaks that are very hard to find and repair, yet they can cause a lot of costly damage if you do not resolve the issues.

What is a Pinhole Leak?

A pinhole leak when it comes to plumbing is usually less than 116th of an inch in diameter. It is a tiny little hole and a pipe or some other fixture within your plumbing system. Even though they are tiny, pinhole leaks can lead to very significant water damage and can cost you a lot of money if they are not promptly dealt with. It is important to understand the causes of pinhole leaks so that you can prevent them from occurring in the first place.

Causes of Pinhole Leaks

There are many things that can cause pinhole leaks to happen and one of those is corrosion. Corrosion occurs in your plumbing pipes when the metal deteriorates over time. This deterioration can be caused by the pH level of the water in your home or business, the presence of minerals, or even chemical reactions within the pipe material itself. As the metal corrodes, it becomes weak and can lead to tiny holes or cracks forming. Copper and galvanized steel pipes are even more susceptible to corrosion than other types, such as PVC or plastic, making them even bigger candidates to spring a pinhole leak.

Water Quality

The quality of the water at your home or business that goes through your plumbing system on a daily basis can also contribute to causing pinhole leaks. This is because some water can be very highly acidic or even contain significantly elevated levels of certain minerals, such as magnesium and calcium, which can accelerate the corrosion process inside your pipes. This can create weak spots in your plumbing that are very prone to developing pinhole leaks. You can use water softeners or pH adjustment systems that may help mitigate this particular issue.

High Water Pressure

If you have excessively high water pressure in your home or business plumbing system, it can also lead to pinhole leaks. This is because when water pressure exceeds a normal amount, it puts undue stress on your pipes. This type of stress can cause small cracks or weak spots to develop, eventually leading to pinhole leaks.

Water Temperature

Extreme fluctuations in water temperature can stress your plumbing system, potentially causing pinhole leaks to form. As the temperature of the water inside your pipes changes rapidly, it can lead to the expansion and contraction of the metal. Over time, this repeated stress can weaken the pipe material and develop pinhole leaks. Insulating your pipes can help keep this from happening.

Contact the Professionals

Pinhole leaks in plumbing can be a costly and frustrating problem for homeowners and businesses. Understanding the various causes of pinhole leaks, such as corrosion, water quality, high water pressure, pipe material, water temperature, and mechanical damage, is very important to stop pinhole leaks from occurring. Regular maintenance, water quality testing, and prompt repairs can help reduce the risk of pinhole leaks and keep your plumbing system functioning at an optimal level. It is important to have regular maintenance conducted on the plumbing system of your home or business to help prevent issues from occurring.

Contact the plumbing professionals at Apollo Home to help find the causes of a pinhole leak in your plumbing system today to prevent further damage and keep your system up and running efficiently.

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