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Honouring Lost Loved Ones: Creative Funeral Wreaths and Keepsakes

Honouring Lost Loved Ones

When a loved one passes away, honoring their memory with beautiful floral arrangements and personal mementos is one of the most meaningful ways to express your love. From customized a wreath for funeral that stand out in the crowd to elegant keepsakes that offer private moments of reflection, there are many creative options for commemorating your friend or family member’s life.

Our blog provides insight into all the options available for creating thoughtful funeral arrangements and sentimental memorial gifts – so you can find precisely what speaks from the heart.

Funeral Wreaths and Their Meanings

Funeral flowers offer a meaningful way to convey emotions and pay tribute to our departed loved ones. Among these floral arrangements, wreaths stand as a timeless choice. These circular arrangements hold profound symbolism, representing eternal life and the continuous cycle of existence.

While they are traditionally placed atop the casket during the funeral service, they can also find a place at the gravesite or cremation site. Wreaths possess enduring qualities, serving as lasting memorials that allow us to preserve the memory of our loved ones long after the funeral.

Types of Funeral Wreaths and How to Choose the Right One

With so many wreaths available, you can choose one that aligns with your loved one’s personality or send a combination of styles for a truly unique tribute.

Traditional Wreath

A traditional wreath is timeless, often made from lush greenery and flowers. It usually comprises a mixture of carnations, lilies, roses or other symbolic flowers, weaved into a circular shape to represent eternal life. The flowers chosen can be deeply personal or symbolic, with each variety and colour bearing a unique meaning.

For instance, red roses represent love and respect, while lilies stand for the restored innocence of the soul. This type of wreath is highly versatile and suitable for any memorial service; it offers a warm and respectful way to express your love and admiration for the departed.

Heart-Shaped Wreath

The heart-shaped wreath is a poignant choice that expresses love and deep affection for the deceased. Adorned with red and white flowers, symbolizing love and purity, this design conveys the heartfelt emotions of bidding farewell. While red and white flowers are common choices, you can customize the selection of flowers and colors to align with specific sentiments or the preferences of the departed.

The heart shape is a powerful symbol of love, representing the profound sense of loss when saying goodbye while acknowledging the enduring love that persists even in their absence.

Cross Wreath

A cross wreath is a profound choice, often chosen for the funerals of individuals with a strong Christian faith. The cross, a central Christian symbol, represents salvation and hope, making it a comforting choice for a memorial service. It’s usually crafted from a selection of greenery adorned with clusters of flowers at each point of the cross. The flowers could be of any type or colour, but white lilies or roses often signify purity, innocence, and love.

The cross wreath serves as a reminder of the faith of the departed and offers solace in the belief in eternal life. Whether it’s a simple cross of classic greenery or a heavily adorned one with vibrant blooms, this wreath is a dignified and respectful way to honour a devout individual’s journey to eternal peace.

Personalised Photo Wreath

A personalised photo wreath is a unique and dynamic way to remember a loved one during a funeral. It is a regular floral wreath but includes one or several photographs of the deceased, adding a personal touch that makes the tribute more intimate and heartfelt. The pictures can be a portrait of the deceased, a cherished moment, or a beloved memory that captures their essence and personality.

The floral arrangement can be designed to complement the photographs, either with flowers in their favourite colours or with specific types that hold particular significance to them. The vibrant blooms and meaningful imagery make this type of wreath a poignant tribute that resonates deeply with everyone present.

How to Create a Personalised Keepsake for a Loved One

How to Create a Personalised Keepsake for a Loved One

A keepsake is a tangible reminder of the departed, and having one that reflects their life, personality, or interests can bring great comfort to those left behind. Here are some ideas for creating a personalized keepsake to honor your loved one’s memory.

Memorial Jewellery

Creating memorial jewelry is a meaningful way to keep your loved one close to you at all times. You can choose to have a piece designed with their initials or name or incorporate their fingerprint, handwriting, or even cremation ashes. Options are endless when personalizing memorial jewelry, ensuring you have a unique and one-of-a-kind keepsake that will always remind you of your loved one.

Memory Box

A memory box is another way to preserve treasured memories of your loved one. It can be filled with items that hold special meaning, such as photographs, letters, trinkets, or other sentimental items. You can also personalize the box by adding a customized message or engraving of their name or favorite quote.

Personalised Art Piece

If your loved one was an avid art lover or had a particular passion for a specific type of art, creating a personalized art piece in their memory is a beautiful tribute. You can commission an artist to create something unique or make something yourself. It could be a painting, sculpture, or any other form of art that reflects your loved one’s personality and passions.

Engraved Keepsake

A simple yet meaningful way to create a personalized keepsake is by engraving an item with your loved one’s name, initials or a special message. It could be jewelry, a watch, a picture frame, or any other sentimental value item.

Preserve Their Belongings

Holding onto your loved one’s belongings is also a way to keep their memory alive. You can preserve their clothes by turning them into a quilt or pillow, make a shadow box with their treasured possessions or even create a collage of photographs showcasing their life and memories.


Both wreaths and personalized keepsakes play a significant role in expressing our love, respect, and honor for those who have passed on. They offer a comforting presence during the grief and mourning process, serving as tangible reminders of the lives our loved ones led. Whether it’s a cross wreath for the deeply faithful, a sports team wreath for the enthusiastic fan, or a personalized photo wreath that captures beloved memories, each brings its unique touch to the occasion.

Similarly, a personalized keepsake – be it memorial jewelry, a memory box, an art piece, customized clothing, an engraved item, or preserved belongings – allows us to keep a part of our loved ones close to us long after they’re gone. Remember, the most meaningful tributes reflect the individuality and spirit of the departed.

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