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How Baby Gift Boxes Make the Perfect Present for Baby Showers

How Baby Gift Boxes Make the Perfect Present for Baby Showers

Baby shower gifts are the perfect way to celebrate new life and help your friend start their parenting journey. A gift box can be a great choice as it’s practical and affordable. Burp cloths are essential for newborns and are often used for spit-ups and other messes. A set of onesies is another useful item that will grow with the baby.

They are Practical

Many of the most popular baby shower gifts, such as a first-aid kit or breastfeeding support pillow, are practical. But there are also plenty of fun options, like a mid-century modern rainbow bookend or an adorable stuffed animal. Personalized gifts are always big hits, too, whether it’s the child’s name stitched on a teddy bear or a cute message printed on a cloth play mat. If you need help deciding on a baby gift, consider a gift box full of small necessities. This one is gender-neutral and includes a baby swaddle, baby bath, baby rattle, booties and many more. Other practical options include a bottle sterilizer and a baby bath gift set, which is great for travel. These items are especially useful for a baby’s first few months. A diaper subscription is another good option; parents will appreciate having the right amount of newborn-to-size three diapers at their fingertips.

The newest addition to the family will need many clothes, and these closet dividers are a cute way to help Mom and Dad keep their tiny wardrobe organized. They’re easy to install and come in pink, blue or gray to suit the nursery décor. Parents will love this muslin baby gift set, which has 12 onesies that correspond to the month of their child’s first year, perfect for monthly milestone photos.

They are Personal

A baby shower is a chance to show the new mom in your life how much you care. A practical gift box is a great way to do that. This can include items the mom-to-be wished for and things she may not have considered adding to her registry. Diapers are a must-have for any newborn, and they go hand-in-hand with baby wipes. These handy cloths are used to clean a diaper-covered baby and to wipe off drool or spit-up from hands, feet, and faces. They’re one of the most useful gifts a parent can receive! Baby clothes are a popular baby shower gift item, but it’s important to consider the child’s size and age. Many of these cute outfits will only be able to be worn for a few months and may not fit the following year. It’s best to choose simple onesies with no sayings or graphics. If you need help deciding what to purchase for a shower, a gift box with a card is always safe. This gift comes in a gorgeous box that can be kept as a memento.

They are Easy to Assemble

If the mom-to-be made a baby registry, you could use that to select your gift. If not, consider the most popular gifts for newborns, such as a nappy cake – a supply of nappies built into a cute three-tiered design that makes for a beautiful centerpiece or a set of soft blankets monogrammed with the new baby’s name. A Grobag is another great shower gift idea that helps newborns stay comfortable as they grow. These wearable sleeping bags help regulate temperature at home or on the go and can also be used as a car seat cover or nursing wrap. Baby-themed toys are always popular, and this budget-friendly sound machine is ideal for on-the-go lullabies. It clips onto cribs, strollers and playsets to deliver four soothing sounds, including white noise, heartbeat, ocean and a calming lullaby. Another top-rated gift is this muslin swaddle blanket that comes in avocado, pizza, sushi or taco patterns and works like advanced origami to wrap newborns like a baby burrito for restful sleep snugly. It’s also great to bring along on trips and can be used as a portable changing pad cover.

Add a handwritten card to let the parents know you’re thinking of them and their new little bundle of joy for a thoughtful finishing touch. Then pack your present in a chic storage basket to prepare it for delivery.

They are Affordable

A baby gift basket is a budget-friendly way to give multiple gifts to shower guests.  Asking guests to bring a book instead of a card is another great way to stock the parents’ bookshelf. This will be a thoughtful and lasting gift they can look back on for years. For a fun and easy shower activity, hand out small, smooth rocks and paint pens so each guest can decorate a unique one for the mom-to-be. These can include motivational messages, artistic scenes, cute animals, and more. Then, at the end of the party, pass out prizes to the winners based on their creations. Host a sign-your-name-on-a-stamp station rather than a traditional guest book that the couple will likely never look at again. This is a more meaningful way for guests to express their well-wishes to the expecting parents, and it will make a nice decoration for the baby’s nursery.

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