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Signs You Need a New Air Conditioner

Signs You Need a New Air Conditioner

Your home’s AC is essential for keeping your residence comfortable during the hotter parts of the year. Air conditioners have the annoying habit of breaking when you need them most. This is often due to the heavy use of an old and failing system. Waiting for your AC to fail before replacing it is not the best course of action as it is a great inconvenience and, during the hottest days, can even be dangerous. Watching your AC for performance issues can tell you when it’s time for an AC replacement. Replacing your AC ahead of time ensures you won’t have interrupted service. The following symptoms are signs you need an air conditioner replacement.

Signs You Need a New AC

1. Your AC Is Blowing Hot Air:

A common performance issue is your AC being unable to circulate cool or cold air. This can be the air only being semi-cold or your AC being unable to blow any cold air at all. This problem can have many root causes that could necessitate a replacement. A professional will be able to tell you what the exact issue is.

2. Your AC Is Old:

Even a well-maintained AC unit has a limited usage lifespan. In general, an AC unit can provide 10 years of reliable use before it fails due to age. While some ACs can surpass a decade of use, it’s time to start considering a replacement and invest in one of the best AC units if your AC is over ten years old.

3. A High Electrical Bill:

As an AC fails, it becomes less efficient and has to work harder and run longer to keep your home at the set temperature. If your electricity bill keeps increasing without any changes to your habits or AC use, this can be a sign of an aging unit that may need replacing.

4. Reduced Air Flow:

Your AC makes use of various parts to cycle air throughout your home. An issue with an aging AC unit is reduced airflow. Your AC may still produce cold air, but the airflow is weak, and air can no longer cycle through your home. This can be a sign of various underlying issues.

5. Moisture Collection:

All AC units produce a degree of moisture, but a working AC has no issues with this and collects any excess moisture. If your AC starts leaking, this is a sign of a mechanical problem, such as a leak of some type. Moisture and draining issues not only reduce AC performance but can also damage your home.

6. Strange Noises:

If your AC is making odd noises or is louder than it used to be, this can be a sign of mechanical issues, age, or wear. Noises can include squeaking, grinding, banging, or chattering sounds. None of this is considered normal performance, and if you are hearing sounds such as these, it could be a sign you need new equipment or an upgrade.

7. Bad Smells:

Much like loud noises, strange smells are another sign you may need to replace your AC unit. Smells such as burning or smoke can indicate very dangerous issues, and you should contact an AC professional as soon as possible for assistance.

8. Issues Keep Occurring:

While regular AC maintenance is certainly important, you shouldn’t need repairs and servicing regularly. If you have to have your AC repaired three to four times a year, it’s a sign that your AC is starting to fail, and replacing it can be an economical solution.

Final Thoughts

Your AC is one of your home’s most important appliances and is needed to live a comfortable life. Much like with appliances you depend on every day, if your AC goes out, you will quickly notice there is a problem. If your AC is showing any of the above problems, contact a professional today to see what your best course of action should be.

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