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How Much Does Tree Trimming Cost

How Much Does Tree Trimming Cost

Many variables contribute to a quote on tree trimming. As on average, professional trimmers range from roughly “$315 to $700, with the majority coming in at approximately $475.” For a smaller variety tree, the service can be low, under $100, while a tree with growth over 60 feet can be over $1000.

Some factors professionals consider are tree health, the location, and how many trees will need service. Also, if some trees or stumps need removing, these prices fall in a different category.

When researching for a reputable, reliable, and experienced tree trimming company like those at https://legacytreecompany.com, it’s important to find out what their services involve.

The suggested prices here are based on the national average, but each company is unique in its services and how the costs are determined. Let’s look at each of the variables associated with tree trimming a little more in-depth to inform when comparing providers and help make a more educated decision.

What Factors Contribute To The Cost Of Tree Trimming

What Factors Contribute To The Cost Of Tree Trimming

When trimming trees, the company must consider the risk level involved, contributing to the price point. In that quote, the tree trimmer will factor the tree’s height, health, location, how many trees are involved in the project, and if any removals need to be taken care of.

Most tree companies base the tree’s height on a small, medium, and large height category, with the exact measurements in those categories varying from one business to another.

Of course, a tall tree will require special equipment, more labor, and additional time with a substantial risk compared to pruning a small tree. That means a significant difference in the costs.

Aside from size, a few other factors impact the price quote; find tree trimming costs in 2023 at https://www.homeserve.com/en-us/blog/cost-guide/tree-trimming-cost/ and then look at these variables individually.

The location

The tree trimming service needs to factor in the risks associated with where the tree is on your property. For instance, if there are power lines in the vicinity requiring extra precaution to avoid downing the lines with fallen branches or the potential for damaging nearby structures.

A job requiring additional safety measures, special equipment, and extra labor to do the work adequately means more extensive fees. A suggestion for trees over a power line is to reach out to your local utility company when you notice these. The utility office has tree trimmers who trim back trees over power lines at no cost.

The accessibility

The tree’s perimeter must be sufficient for a bucket truck to access the area. These vehicles are used so the trimmer can get to the tree’s tallest point. If the truck cannot get into the location and the trimmer cannot access the tree’s height except by climbing to the top, the price point will go up.

This puts a more significant risk on the tree trimmer. That can mean there will need to be additional labor on the project, plus extra safety measures will need to be incorporated to protect the professional from accident or injury.

How many trees involved in the project

Trees surround some homes, with the potential for many of these to be close to the house. It can become quite costly if they all need to be trimmed simultaneously. Instead of charging as a single project, tree trimmers need to set a price for each tree that receives service.

Preparation, labor, time, and supplies are involved with trimming individual trees, making it necessary to treat each one as its own project.

The tree’s health

The tree’s stability depends on its overall health. Many factors can impact its health, whether it be disease, weather abuses like storms or lightning striking, and on.

The tree trimming professional can be at serious risk if the tree is damaged or dead. When a tree is in poor health, that can significantly weaken the species, also leaving the expert in harm’s way.

When the tree becomes a danger, the trimmer must incorporate extra safety measures to prevent accidents or injuries. In some cases, extra help is required as a precaution. Any additional stabilization to make the tree safe for pruning or taking down will involve extra charges.

tree trimming professional

Any pests

Any creatures, wildlife, insects, or birds looming around the tree can influence the price of trimming. These construe as pests because any critters hanging around a tree are creating damage indicating the species is rotting from the interior, causing it to be unstable.

The tree is unsafe to climb when there are noticeable signs of pests. That will mean extra precautions for the safety and security of those working on the project. Again, additional measures taken to prune, cut back branches, or remove a tree entirely will involve additional fees.

Final Thought

Many homeowners prefer to trim trees in a “do-it-yourself” capacity in an attempt to save money. Most don’t have the appropriate equipment or tools for adequate trimming, nor do they have the skill set to handle the project safely.

The problem is these situations usually lead to accidents and injuries, along with considerable damage to the trees and surrounding property.

That can lead to extensive costs for potential medical bills and repairing resultant damage. It’s better and less costly to enlist the services of a professional trimmer, above all else, to ensure your safety.

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