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Malta Citizenship for Americans: Obtainment Process and Benefits

Malta Citizenship for Americans

The issue of inflation and political unrest does not bypass even developed countries. That is why wealthy American citizens and businessmen are trying to create a reliable safety cushion. Today, it is easy to do this by obtaining citizenship in another country. For this purpose, popular European countries that do not require harsh adaptation are chosen.

Maltese citizenship is an ideal option. The government of the country offers favorable programs for people, regardless of nationality. At the same time, fast consideration of the application and complete confidentiality of information about the resident is guaranteed.

Having addressed to a qualified specialist in migration processes, the applicant will be able to draw up all the necessary documents and get a second Malta citizenship for Americans without any problems. Contact a reliable company to avoid problems.

What is the Malta Citizenship Program?

Why is this destination so popular? Malta is located in the center of the Mediterranean Sea. The impeccable climate, charming views, and a measured rhythm of life attract foreign investors. The country is a member of the European Union, which guarantees political stability and an actively developing economy. Thanks to a successfully implemented program, you can buy a second home for foreign citizens.

Malta PR by investment is now known as Maltese citizenship by naturalization for exceptional services through direct investment, which allows investors who have obtained Maltese passports for us citizens to live and develop in this wonderful country without worrying about external crises.

Key Benefits for Malta Citizenship for Americans

Any U.S. citizen has undoubted advantages, such as visa-free entry to many countries with civil rights. By obtaining Maltese citizenship, the advantages will be greater:

1. Free movement within Malta and other EU countries without special authorization;

2. Access to social services, including high quality health care;

3. The opportunity to receive education in European universities at a reduced fee (both for the applicant and his children);

4. Opportunity to work legally in the countries of the European Union;

5. Business development at the international level;

6. No need to renounce the existing citizenship.

In addition, it is worth mentioning the absence of a language barrier. English is as popular here as Maltese. Therefore, there is no need to learn an additional foreign language, which is important if you have school children. The locals are very friendly to foreigners.

Popular destinations for American citizens are the capital of Malta, Valletta (financial center), Sliema (a modern city with many shopping centers), St. Julian’s (a resort place with luxury hotels and restaurants), and Gozo (with unique landscapes and developed agriculture). Each applicant will be able to choose the best option based on his or her relocation goals.

Application Process of getting Maltese passport for US citizens

As the expert of the Imin Malta agency, Albert Loffe, points out, to participate in the program, it is necessary to submit an application. It is recommended to apply through special companies. This will help to avoid unforeseen situations, such as denial of citizenship due to missing documents.

Who can apply? Certainly, an investor who meets the following criteria:

1. Having reached the age of majority;

2. Who confirms the legality of his/her own income;

3. With a clean biography (no problems with the law);

4. Absence in international sanctions lists.

In addition, the applicant must provide proof of no visa refusals from countries that have a visa-free regime with Malta.

The following conditions are imposed on the applicant if the outcome of the case is approved: purchase (from €700,000) or rent (from €16,000 per year) of a property or make a one-off contribution to the National Development and Social Development Fund of the country. You can also consider a charitable donation (from 10,000 euros).

In addition to the above options, U.S. investors should be prepared to purchase health insurance and pay state fees, taxes on real estate purchases, and legal fees.


If all the requirements are met, American citizens will be able to call Malta their second home. There is no need to give up your existing passport: Malta, like America, allows dual citizenship. To begin with, it is suggested to obtain a residence permit. The amount of costs is calculated individually and varies depending on such factors: rent or purchase of real estate, the purpose of obtaining citizenship in a year or three years, and others. The process includes the following steps:

1. Preliminary comprehensive document verification;

2. Obtaining a certificate of clean background

3. Obtaining a residence permit;

4. Application for the eligibility test;

5. Processing a positive decision on the application;

6. Applying for citizenship;

7. Receiving final approval;

8. Proof of residence in Malta, fulfillment of investment conditions;

9. Obtaining a passport.

Thus, within a few years, Maltese citizenship is obtained by naturalization for exceptional merit through direct investment. Obtaining a Maltese passport for us Americans will not be difficult if you contact experienced professionals.

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