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6 Parks Where You Can Plant A Memorial Tree

6 Parks Where You Can Plant A Memorial Tree

The memorial tree is a gift in the form of a living tribute to someone dear to you. You can plant more than one tree if you desire or plant a whole grove. Discounts are available through most services for buying in bulk, which is a very affordable option that leaves a big impression.

There are reforestation projects going on throughout the country from the East Coast to the West. Look below at just some of the parks

Where you Can Plant Your Memorial Tree or Trees

1. Ocala National Forest – Florida

The Ocala National Forest, located in northern Florida, is roughly 607 square miles and was established in 1908. This forest boasts the largest amount of sand pine anywhere in the country. Along with removing oak and other invasive species of memorial tree, the planting of long-leaf pine seedlings revitalizes the natural habitat of this forest to ensure the continued survival of the indigenous wildlife in the area.

2. Willamette National Forest – Oregon

Located in Lane County, this area spans over 1.6 million acres. The reforestation project takes aim at planting over 15,000 acres of native conifer and hardwoods within the Cedar Creek fire perimeter. The most prevalent tree is the Douglas fir, the state tree of Oregon. Several other conifer species in this area thrive, including western red cedar, incense-cedar, white pine, ponderosa pine, western and mountain hemlock, Pacific yew, and still other species of fir trees.

3. Allegheny National Forest – Pennsylvania

Celebrating 100 years of being a national forest in 2023, The Allegheny National Forest in Pennsylvania is just over 514,000 acres in northwest Pennsylvania. This area is home to native Sycamores, Redbuds, and Mountain Laurels.

4. Green Mountain National Forest – Vermont

The Green Mountain National Forest is Vermont’s only federally managed national forest. The rugged mountain peaks in this area are home to northern hardwoods and softwoods, which are regenerated through tree planting after controlled burns and natural fires, along with other restoration activities.

5. Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest – Wisconsin

Also known as the Best of Wisconsin’s Northwoods, Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest in Wisconsin was formed by receding glaciers in the ice age and is over one million acres. This restoration project aims to restore trees lost to 20th-century logging. Prevalent trees in the area are many, including spruce, pine, balsam fir, birch, and aspen.

6. South Texas National Wildlife Refuge – Texas

The refuge consists of the Lower Rio Grande Valley, Santa Ana, and Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuges. Established in 1943 for migratory bird protection, the area is home to thorn forests, which are dense, shrubby trees. With more than 90% of the thorn forests gone due to ranching and farming, restoring the thorn forests is a necessity to help with flooding in the region and support area wildlife.

Choose Your Favorite

Of the six parks listed above, all have worthy reforestation projects underway that could use the support of generous gift-givers and have many options to choose from when selecting an area to plant your memorial tree or trees. For further information, please look online under national and community reforestation efforts.

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