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The Role of the Profession System in the Economy of World of Warcraft

The Role of the Profession System in the Economy of World of Warcraft

When starting to play WoW, many players will encounter difficult mechanics of the economic system and will need to master it quickly in order to be able to earn gold to equip their character with the best equipment and weapons that will help them farm better, give access to the most interesting raids with an incentive to enrich themselves and make the hero is much stronger in PVP – and there will be many battles with representatives of the enemy faction in the process of pumping – this is World of Warcraft.

You can buy a WoW gold SkyCoach, or start doing professions in earnest.

What is the professional system in World of Warcraft

What is the professional system in World of Warcraft

Professions are a series of activities that are aimed at finding and selling resources that will eventually turn into equipment, weapons, jewelry, tools, scrolls and mechanisms, potions, and first aid and will help more than one player in pumping and mastering content.

Each player can choose only two main professions to master, so they can be combined according to the principle of only collecting resources – then it is earnings on the sale of materials, only production – then it is the prospect of earning more gold from two areas of the craft, but this means huge difficulties in the early stages because materials will have to be purchased.

The most ideal format is to choose a creative profession that best suits your class and choose a collective one for it in order always to be provided with all the necessary resources.

All professions can be divided into two types:

  • Collective
  • Crafts



Gathering Professions focus on collecting resources that you can later sell yourself or sell to other artisans to earn gold. To collect, you need special tools that can be bought in any large city, there are exceptions, but in general, the concept looks the same as it is described.

What professions of collecting resources can be mastered:

  • Mining
  • Skinning
  • Collection of herbs
  • Silk extraction


This profession is closely related to blacksmithing and engineering and a bit to jewel crafting, as it works with ore deposits, the materials from which are smelted into ingots and used to make metals.

To start work, you need to purchase a pickaxe and track points on the map with the corresponding signs – our rocks are located there.

You will find ore and occasionally gems in deposits that can be traded or traded in blacksmithing, jewelry, and engineering.


Skinning is suitable for all grinders who can farm entire locations for experience and resources, but agility class members should focus on this craft, as it allows you to eventually get light armor from leather.

To process and dress leather, you need a carving knife, which is easily purchased in any major city from the appropriate NPC.

Hunt animals first – creatures that have fur and skins that can be obtained in the future. Particularly impressionable players should not worry – in World of Warcraft, there is no vivid visualization of the processing process.

Collection of Herbs

Herbs are one of the simplest and most obvious profession formats, which the player comes to intuitively from the first levels of the game when he sees highlighted plants and herbs.

Harvesting does not require additional tools, and harvested herbs can be used in alchemy and first aid.

Silk Extraction

For the manufacture of magical equipment, threads are required, which will be shaped into cloth.

Such materials cannot be obtained using professions, but you can hunt monsters from which you can get cobwebs, silk, cotton, and other related materials.

This description in the professions section is solely for the sake of understanding what format players should prepare for, and who will be engaged in the manufacture of magical equipment.

Of the benefits – such an activity does not take up a professional slot, and you can replace it with any other at your discretion without sacrificing resources.


Creation professions allow players to get ready-made items and equipment for sale or personal use, thereby strengthening the hero and not spending a lot of money on buying actual equipment.

Among the most common professions are:

  • Blacksmith craft
  • Leatherworking
  • Tailoring
  • Jewelry
  • Engineering
  • Inscription
  • Alchemy

Blacksmith Craft

One of the most fundamental professions in online games on gaming pc, which allows you to craft armor and weapons, tools, and improve weapons by mounting special sockets into which you can insert enhancement stones with the help of a jeweler.

A great option for owners of heavy armor and warriors who prefer steel weapons.

The tools that can be crafted will be useful to other professions and the blacksmith himself to increase the points of his craft.


Leatherworking allows players to eventually obtain leather armor and all related attributes for agility classes.

Additionally, you can make leather bags – items that will expand the number of inventory slots.


Tailoring is useful to all members of the magical classes who use this type of equipment. The better the magical armor, the greater the mana reserves and physical protection.

You need to find any related materials that are converted into thread and used to make magical equipment.


Jewelry is needed to enhance the characteristics of the character and increase magical protection to confront all types of magicians and warlocks.

The Jeweler uses gems to give them special abilities like ignoring armor and can insert them into special sockets that the blacksmith mounts.

In addition to jewelry, jewelers also create magical orbs – these are spheres that are used as weapons for attacking magicians with enhanced attack and reduced application speed.


Engineers, like blacksmiths, use ore to create mechanisms and additional accessories for equipment.

For example, for heavy armor, you can install an additional rocket launcher that will automatically deal damage to surrounding enemies once at a certain time.

Working with mechanisms can greatly help in passing raids and during mass pumping, where engineering structures can do part of the work and bring you experience and additional income.


The inscription uses writing and reagents to produce special scrolls, which are needed as instructions for the production of many items and elements of equipment and weapons.

The inscriber can create magical staves, which makes the profession profitable for attacking mages against the backdrop of a free profession slot that is not spent on collecting materials for fabrics.


Uses extracted flowers and herbs to make potions of various kinds.

You will produce potions of various kinds.

The most common format of use is combat sorties, when potions increase the characteristics of certain characters and skills, heal the player’s health, and cause damage to the enemy.

First aid

The profession is associated with the processing of healing herbs, potions, and bandages that will help remove the effects of poisons and bleeding.

The rapid removal of poisons will be especially useful when leveling alone so as not to lose a large amount of health when confronted with spiders and other poisonous creatures.

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