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How Can Vacation Videos Be Turned Into Interactive Experiences?

Vacation Videos Be Turned Into Interactive Experiences

When you go on vacation, capturing memories on video is a must-do for many people. One exciting tech development, photogrammetry from video, allows one to turn these vacation videos into interactive experiences. What are the cool ways this can be done? Scroll down to learn more.

Making 3D Maps: A New Way to Revisit Your Vacation Spots

A unique thing you can do with your vacation videos is to convert them into 3D maps. It’s like having a miniature version of your holiday destination on your computer or smartphone. How does this work? Simple. The photogrammetry technique scans the video to understand the layout of the place. It then converts this into a 3D map. You can zoom in, move around, and relive your vacation in a new and interactive way. It’s much more engaging than just watching a video because you control the experience.

Adobe states, “3D Capture, or photogrammetry, is the process of creating a 3D mesh with textures by capturing measurements from images.”

Adding Virtual Souvenirs: Spice Up Your Vacation Recap

Another way to make your vacation videos interactive is by adding virtual souvenirs. These are digital items you can place within your video or 3D map. For example, you can put a virtual surfboard next to the beach you visited or a digital replica of the Eiffel Tower on your Paris vacation map. You can click on these items to get more details or even stories related to them. It makes your vacation recap not just a collection of clips but an interactive experience that can be enjoyed repeatedly.

Choose Your Adventure: Control the Narrative

You can take your vacation videos to the next level by turning them into a “Choose Your Own Adventure” experience. This way, anyone watching the video can select what they want to see next. For instance, at the end of a video clip, you could allow viewers to go to the beach or visit a museum. They click on their choice, and the video takes them there. This adds a layer of interactivity and gives viewers a sense of control, making the experience much more engaging.

Interactive Challenges: A Game Within a Memory

Imagine turning your vacation video into a treasure hunt. Yes, you can do that. How? By adding interactive challenges or mini-games within the video. You can set clues and tasks that viewers must complete to move on to the next clip. For example, you can hide a digital key somewhere in the video, and viewers have to find it to unlock the next part. It turns your vacation video into a fun game that friends and family can enjoy.

Community Sharing: Let Others Add to Your Experience

What if you could let others add their clips or photos to your vacation video? Sounds fun, right? You can make this happen by creating a community-sharing feature within your interactive video. People can add their moments, tag locations, or even contribute to virtual souvenirs. It turns your single vacation video into a community experience enriched by the perspectives of others who have visited the same places.

Technology gives some amazing ways to make vacation videos far more than just a replay of memories. By turning them into interactive experiences, you get to relive your vacation in a more engaging and fun way. It’s not just about watching; it’s about interacting, playing, and sharing. The next time you’re planning a vacation, think about how you can make your videos into something truly special.

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