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What Color is Fire Extinguisher Powder?

Extinguishing powder has several advantages over other types of extinguishing agents. It has instant extinguishing properties, meaning it can quickly put out fires. Additionally, it is universal, making it a versatile option for different kinds of fires. The extinguishing powder can also be used with portable and stationary extinguishing equipment.

Various chemical components go into extinguisher powder production; however, monoammonium phosphate is the dominant component in the multipurpose powder. Extinguisher powder is classified as ”ABC” “BC,” or “D” based on the types of fires they can put out. You can safely store extinguisher powder at room temperature or lower. The most common extinguisher powder (”ABC”) is yellow; however, other types of extinguisher powders come in different colors. Read on!

What Is Extinguisher Powder?

These powders contain different chemical substances and have a salt-like form, specifically designed to put out fires. The extinguisher powders are released from the extinguisher device using hydrogen propellant gas, and the particles of the chemical powder can range in size from 10 to 75 m. Since particle size profoundly affects efficiency, the recommendable extinguisher powder particle size is 40 m.

This powder does not put out the fire by soaking into the ignited substances or through evaporation. Rather, it builds a blanket covering the fire, restricting oxygen to the flames, effectively putting it out. Extinguisher powders are more beneficial than foam extinguisher agents and are storable in more compact equipment.

Types of Extinguisher Powders

ABC Powder

This yellow powder is the most common of the extinguisher powder types. As mentioned, mono-ammonium, or ammonium phosphate, is the main component of extinguisher powder, but it includes additional powders to increase the bulk or for better flow.

The  ABC powder, or multipurpose extinguisher powder, can put out flames in classes A, B, and C and is used with ammonium sulfate in extinguishers. They work well on solid ignited materials as they melt at a low temperature.

BC Powder

The blueish-white BC powder (standard powder) is made from sodium bicarbonate. This powder was more popular before introducing the ABC powder in the market. The main component of this powder is sodium bicarbonate, but it contains chemical additions and is safe to use in fire suppression.

Class ‘D’ Powder

This uniquely blended sodium chloride extinguisher powder is used to put out fires on metals like lithium and magnesium shavings. This powder should be sprayed directly on the flames at low velocity for improved efficiency. The powder does the job by absorbing heat from the flames, melting and forming a glassy layer that smothers the flames and stops the oxygen supply from the metal. It is important to note that Class D powder is not suitable for lithium-ion fires, like those caused by laptop batteries.

Take Away

If you are in the market for extinguisher powder, you should consider various factors before purchasing. For instance, the BC-rated extinguisher powder will perform better than the ABC extinguisher powder of the same quantity for extinguishing liquid and gas fires. Potassium bicarbonate is an additional kind of extinguisher powder twice as effective at putting out Class B fires caused by sodium bicarbonate.

You should consider the fire type you might need to prevent before settling on a type of extinguisher powder. Look no further than Guangdong Macro Fire for high-quality and reliable extinguisher powder.

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