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How to Rent an Apartment in Sydney

How to Rent an Apartment in Sydney

Finding an apartment to rent in Sydney can be an exhausting process. While it may not be as difficult as looking for a house to buy, many people find apartment hunting difficult due to the competitive market, high prices, and the time you have to put into searching. However, if you want to find a place to rent in Sydney, you need to understand the landlord’s requirements, have genuine identification documents, and maybe even proof of income.

What Do You Need to Consider to be able to Rent an Apartment in Sydney?

Living in Sydney and finding a rental apartment there probably isn’t much different from doing the same in other capital cities, but there are a few important considerations.

The price

The time of year can affect both the price you have to pay and the apartments that are available. Be aware of your budget and be sure of what prices you can manage on your income. The best time to find a new rental in Sydney is during the winter. The weather is colder, and people are not so inclined to want to pack up and move.

The condition

Carefully check the condition of the apartment. It may seem appealing in pictures, but you have to visit the place and check for yourself. Decide whether any issues are serious and that the apartment is not a threat to your health and safety.

The owner and the agent

The owner and property manager are important for your renting experience as you will rely on them when there are problems in your house. If you don’t feel comfortable with them, perhaps you should consider purchasing another apartment in Sydney for rent.

The neighbourhood

Go to the neighbourhood at various times to get a clear picture of what it is like there so that you aren’t surprised by things you don’t like when you move in.


Ensure your lawyer looks over your lease before you sign it. The lease should be clear and contain no clauses that you are unhappy with or that break the law.


Check that the amenities at the apartment suit you and your lifestyle. Is there a fitness centre in the building? Do you have access to a dishwasher or washing machine? Be sure you understand exactly what you’re getting.

Pet policy

Does the lease include a pet policy? This is crucial if you have a pet or are thinking about getting one in the future. It may even be the case that there is a pet deposit and it might not be refundable.

Getting Approval To Rent

When you meet the owner or agent, behave like it is an interview. Be punctual, dress smartly, and bring all the required documents. Get references, especially from a previous landlord who will vouch for you. You can also bring references from your employer or other respectable people who are happy to help you. If the landlord is unsure about allowing your pets, arrange to bring them with you to the interview. Ultimately, it is important to show that you will be a reliable tenant.

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