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Is Pattaya the Place to Retire?

Is Pattaya the Place to Retire?


Located on the southern seaboard of Thailand, a two-hour drive south from Bangkok, Pattaya, once a sleepy fishing village, has been since the 1960s a popular beach resort, first attracting holiday-makers, and has now become a popular place for expats and retirees.

During the Vietnam War, along with Bangkok, Pattaya was used by the US military for R&R – Rest and Relaxation. Owing to its location along the gulf, historically, fishing was the main industry back in the day, but there have always been connections to warfare.

The city was named after a local war that occurred there.

Several US army bases popped up during the Vietnam conflict, the airport was built by the military, and the area began to attract the attention of the soldiers who recounted tales of the beauty of the bay.

It has since become the 2nd most visited city in Thailand, with over one million people living in and around the city. With additional tens of millions of visitors from Europe, China, Russia, Australia, and the Americas flying in each year. The boom following the Vietnam War saw major investments in developing the village into the city it is today. This rise in construction saw Pattaya apartments for sale not just to the domestic market but also to the foreign market looking for a home in the sun.

Pattaya is now a major city with a number of modern shopping malls, thousands of restaurants and bars, and its overall aim is to develop into a family-friendly destination. It is already is to a certain extent with family-orientated attractions, although the thousands of bars and visible nightlife entertainment zones are off-putting to some more conservative travellers.

Close by is Jomtien Beach, the Koh Larn, and the beautifully undiscovered island of Ko SiChang. One other major advantage of Pattaya is its relative proximity to the capital, Bangkok. Repeat visitors and those reaching retirement age often consider Pattaya the perfect place to invest in a property in this coastal resort.

And who could blame them?

The advantages of living in Pattaya include a very low cost of living. From food shopping to dining out, the dollar, Pound, or Euro goes much further in comparison with their respective home countries. Accommodation is cheaper whether you are renting or buying.

Another advantage is the large and vibrant expat community, with many like-minded individuals choosing to retire and call Pattaya home. Even the language is not too much of a barrier, with the majority of expats in Pattaya getting by using just English and a splattering of Thai every day.

In Conclusion:

The diverse cultural and recreational activities make this one of Thailand’s top destinations. From historic temples to vibrant markets, festivals, mini-marathons, golfing, yachting, fishing, and music festivals, there is never a dull moment in the Thai city of Pattaya.

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