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immoweb.be – Belgium’s Leading Property Website’s Overview (June 2024)


Immoweb is Belgium’s leading real estate website, offering a vast array of properties for sale and rent throughout the country. Since its inception in 1996, Immoweb has firmly established itself at the forefront of the Belgian real estate market, providing an essential platform for buyers, sellers, and renters.

Immoweb’s Dominance in the Market

Market Position and Growth

With its acquisition by Axel Springer in 2012 for EUR 127.5 million, Immoweb showcased its significant market value and potential for further growth. The platform distinguishes itself by attracting over 300,000 unique daily visitors, demonstrating its widespread popularity and trust within the Belgian community.

Property Listings and Services

Immoweb’s comprehensive property listings include a diverse range of apartments, houses, and commercial spaces across Belgium, reflecting the platform’s extensive network in the real estate sector. Moreover, it offers valuable tools such as free property valuation, making it a versatile resource for property owners.

Digital Innovation and User Services

Digital Lease Agreements

A significant innovation by Immoweb is the integration of Connective’s eSignatures into its Immoweb Docs service. This allows for creating legally binding digital lease agreements, streamlining the rental process for landlords and tenants alike.

Real Estate Price Insights

As of 2024, Immoweb provides detailed insights into real estate prices across Belgium, with average prices per square meter for apartments and houses. This information is crucial for potential buyers and sellers in making informed decisions.

Immoweb’s Impact and Audience

Leading Online Presence

Immoweb’s unmatched online presence, with 8.50 million unique visitors, far exceeds its competitors, underscoring its effectiveness in connecting various stakeholders in the real estate market​.

Immoweb Market Position

Immoweb at a Glance

Parent CompanyAxel Springer
EmployeesOver 100
Unique VisitorsOver 300,000 daily
Acquisition PriceEUR 127.5 million (80% stake in 2012)
Revenue (2016)EUR 36.1 million
EBITDA (2016)EUR 24.5 million
Main ServicesProperty listings, valuations, insurance, mortgages

Immoweb Services Overview

Comprehensive Services by Immoweb

Service CategoryExamples
ListingsSale, rent for residential, commercial properties
ValuationsFree property valuations
InsuranceRental insurance partnerships with Qover
Digital ContractsOnline lease agreements with eSignatures
Financial ServicesMortgage advisories and services
User ToolsPrice maps, investment guides, renovation advice

Belgian Real Estate Website Traffic Comparison

Belgian Real Estate Web Traffic Overview

WebsiteMonthly Unique Visitors (approx.)
Immoweb.be8.50 million
Zimmo.be3.50 million
ImmoVlan.be3 million
Logic-Immo.be1.30 million
2ememain.be (Real Estate Section)Not isolated, but 12 million overall

Immoweb User Engagement Features

Key User Engagement Features on Immoweb

Immoweb DocsDigital platform for creating and signing lease agreements
Property Valuation ToolFree online tool for estimating property values
Price MapInteractive map showing property prices across Belgium
Real Estate News & TipsArticles and advice on buying, selling, and renting
Mortgage SimulationOnline tool for calculating potential mortgage costs

Real Estate Market Trends in Belgium (2024 Forecast)

2024 Real Estate Market Trends in Belgium

TrendImpact on Market
UrbanizationIncrease in apartment prices in major cities
Remote Work PopularityRising demand for houses with extra space outside city centers
Environmental RegulationsGrowth in eco-friendly and energy-efficient home sales
Interest Rate FluctuationsVariable effects on buying power and mortgage rates

Average Real Estate Prices in Key Belgian Cities (2024 Estimates)

2024 Average Real Estate Prices on Immoweb

CityAverage Apartment Price (€)Average House Price (€)

Immoweb Digital Innovation Initiatives

Digital Innovation at Immoweb

Immoweb Docs with eSignaturesFacilitates digital signing of lease and sale agreements
Virtual Property Tours360-degree online viewings for listed properties
AI-based Property MatchRecommends properties based on user preferences and history
Real-time Price TrackingUpdates on price changes for watched properties
Sustainable Living SectionListings and tips for eco-friendly homes and renovations

Vital real estate statistics for Belgium, including the average price per square meter for apartments and houses in various provinces and major cities.

Average Price per Square Meter by Province

ProvinceApartment Avg Price (€/m²)House Avg Price (€/m²)
East Flanders2,8122,193
Flemish Brabant3,1502,457
Walloon Brabant3,1402,262
West Flanders3,7402,053

Average Price per Square Meter in Major Cities

CityApartment Avg Price (€/m²)House Avg Price (€/m²)

Immoweb Contact Details

For Private Users

For Agents

For Notaries

For Promoters


Immoweb exemplifies the successful integration of technology into the real estate domain, offering a user-friendly platform that simplifies the process of buying, selling, and renting properties. Its continuous commitment to innovation and customer service ensures that Immoweb remains a pivotal player in the Belgian real estate industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Immoweb?

Immoweb is Belgium’s leading online platform for buying, selling, and renting residential and commercial properties, offering tools like property valuations and mortgage simulations.

2. How can I list my property on Immoweb?

Create an account on Immoweb, select a listing package, and fill in your property details through the online form to list your property for sale or rent.

3. Is Immoweb available only in Belgium?

While focused on the Belgian market, Immoweb is accessible globally, catering to anyone interested in Belgian real estate.

4. Can I find commercial properties on Immoweb?

Immoweb lists a wide range of commercial properties, including offices, retail spaces, and industrial buildings.

5. How does Immoweb help in property valuation?

Immoweb provides a free online tool for homeowners to estimate the market value of their properties based on real estate data across Belgium.

6. What innovative features does Immoweb offer?

Immoweb features digital lease agreements with Immoweb Docs, virtual property tours, AI-based property matching, and real-time price tracking.

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