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Service-Oriented Success: Self-Employment Ideas in the Service Industry

Service-Oriented Success

Regardless of your career preferences, you can’t deny that there’s nothing as freeing as being your own boss. But you don’t have to find major capital injections or hold some serious influence to opt out of the rat race. In some cases, you can become self-employed by simply using your skill set and expertise.

Interested in learning more? The following ideas can help you find a self-employed career in a variety of industries.

Digital Designer

If you are only now learning how to switch to a remote work format, you might be a bit behind a lot of other professionals who have already made it their bread and butter. But if you have some design skills, you can easily start offering your services as a digital designer across various online staffing platforms. You can set your pricing, decide which commissions to take, and even run promotions on holidays. This can make it a pretty rewarding career.

Personal Stylist

Do you have a flair for fashion or an eye for style? If your answer to either option was a big ‘yes,’ then you may have a fantastic career ahead as a personal stylist. While some of your big clients may have you go through cheap background checks before they trust you with their personal image, the payoff to these requirements is definitely worth it. You can start learning about this career online and launch it through your social media channels.

Virtual Assistant

If you don’t use a social media management app but are an expert in administrative tasks, you can find your calling as a virtual assistant. This line of work may have you assisting high-profile professionals across several industries. While the job is demanding, its payoff can easily fulfil your expectations. You can also use your prior experience to find virtual assistant jobs in specific industries. This can help you discover suitable offers without stretching yourself thin.



When you work as a self-employed professional, each potential client discussion acts as a job interview. This means you still need to learn how to become a more appealing job candidate. With that being said, choosing a career as a self-employed accountant lets your skills and qualifications speak for themselves and establishes your expertise with your clients right off the bat. You can also use accounting software to offer more services to clients.

Consulting Services Provider

If your skills lie in the finance industries, such as engineering and marketing, you may put them to good use by working as a consultant. This career often lands you short-term gigs that last for a few months. But seeing how you can set your own paycheck, you can easily make it worth your while. You may offer these services by creating your own website and also having a noticeable presence on social media.

Fitness Trainer

The importance of advancing your career is not hidden from anyone. But when you use your penchant for health and work as a fitness trainer, this goal takes a different form than getting a few promotions. You can also put your networking skills to work to find better and higher-paying clients. This goes a long way toward elevating your professional profile while also bumping up your paycheck.

Massage Therapist

Working as a freelance massage therapist can help you quit the 9-to-5 grind. But if you don’t want to lose gigs to other massage therapists, you may need to invest in tools like business management software that help you manage appointments and book new clients. By learning new techniques and staying on top of your game, you can find this to be a long-term career.

Through these suggestions, you can explore your self-employment options across a variety of industries. By taking your time to make a decision, you can find something that appeals to your heart and mind while also tending to your financial goals.

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