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Gareth Pursehouse: Amie Harwick Murder Case (April 2024)

gareth pursehouse

Gareth Pursehouse is a 41 years old American photographer and software engineer. He was charged with life in prison for Amie Harwick’s murder. In this article, we will briefly discuss Amie’s murder case and what was Gareth’s role in that murder.

Other than that, we have also mentioned where Gareth is now in 2023. Continue reading this article for brief information.

Who is Gareth Pursehouse?

Gareth Pursehouse

In 1978, Gareth Pursehouse was born in California, USA, and was a professional American photographer and software engineer. He completed his schooling in his hometown, and for his college degree, he attended San Dieguito University.

Other than that, there’s not much information available on the internet about his early life. He was charged with his girlfriend Amie Harwick’s murder, which we will discuss further in this article.

In a harrowing case that unfolded in February 2020, Gareth Pursehouse, the ex-boyfriend of renowned marriage and sex therapist Amie Harwick, has been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for her brutal murder. The verdict, delivered on Wednesday, follows a guilty verdict on first-degree murder charges with a special circumstance allegation, reached by the jury after two days of deliberation in September.

The prosecution’s case centred on the accusation that the 45-year-old Pursehouse forcibly entered Harwick’s Los Angeles home on February 15, 2020, patiently waiting for her return before launching a violent attack. The tragedy unfolded as he allegedly strangled the 38-year-old therapist and callously threw her off the balcony of her third-floor residence.

The Los Angeles County Medical Examiner’s Office conducted an autopsy, determining that Harwick’s cause of death was attributed to “blunt force injuries of the head and torso,” providing a grim account of the brutality of the crime.

During the trial, prosecutors argued that Pursehouse, unable to move on from his past relationship with Harwick, exhibited a disturbing obsession. The couple had been romantically involved for approximately 18 months, and despite their separation, Pursehouse struggled to accept the end of the relationship.

Harwick, author of the “New Sex Bible for Women,” had sought legal protection against Pursehouse. She attempted to secure two restraining orders against him, with the first attempt occurring nine months after their breakup in April 2012. Although she was granted a restraining order in this instance, it tragically expired just two weeks before her untimely death.

A close friend of Harwick, Rudy Torres, described Pursehouse as a persistent stalker, stating, “When they broke up, he didn’t take it well at all. He’d do stupid stuff and say stupid stuff. You’d tell him, ‘Move on, dude, leave her alone.’ And he wouldn’t.”

Amie Harwick, engaged to television host Drew Carey in 2018, experienced an amicable split with the “Price Is Right” personality. Following Harwick’s demise, Carey publicly expressed his grief, fighting back tears as he paid tribute to his late ex on his radio show, “Drew Carey’s Friday Night Freak-Out.”

“She was beautiful and fun, and cared deeply about people and improving their lives and was just a joy to be around. And I was so in love with her,” Carey emotionally shared. He revealed that even after their breakup, Harwick remained fearful of Pursehouse, reflecting the lingering impact of the troubled relationship.

As Gareth Pursehouse faces a lifetime behind bars for this heinous crime, the tragic narrative serves as a stark reminder of the devastating consequences that can result from unchecked obsessions and the importance of taking measures to protect against domestic violence.

Basic Information About Him

Full nameGareth Pursehouse
Date of Birth1978
BirthplaceCalifornia, United States
Age41 years
Zodiac SignNA
Marital StatusUnmarried
ProfessionPhotographer, Software engineer
Net Worth$2 million

Body Stats

Height in m1.93 m
Height in cm193 cm
Height in inches6 Feet 4 Inches
Weight in Kg92 kg
Weight in pounds202 pounds


Father’s namePaul Pursehouse
Mother’s nameBarbara
GirlfriendAmie Harwick

Educational Background

School nameHigh School in California
University NameSan Dieguito University

Social Media Accounts


Who was Amie Harwick?

amie harwick

On 20 May 1981, Amie Harwick was born in Pennsylvania, USA, and is professionally known as an outstanding American writer and family therapist. In 2017, Amie first met comedian Drew Carey and started a healthy relationship with him.

After a few years, she met Gareth and got engaged in 2018. But unfortunately, they also broke up within one year.

How and When Harwick and Gareth Met Each Other and What Happened on 15 February 2020?

They both met at a professional event and started dating, but after some time, Gareth began blaming her for ruining his life, which was traumatizing for her.

On 15 February 2020, Amie Harwick was manually strangled by someone who broke into her home and then fell from her third floor. She was rushed to a hospital, but unfortunately, she was pronounced dead.

How was Gareth Pursehouse Linked to Amie Harwick’s Murder?

Amie was brutally murdered in her home in February 2020, and her ex-boyfriend was accused of her murder. All the evidence was against Gareth, and the authorities were forced to believe that Gareth was involved in the murder. Amie’s cause of death was blunt force trauma on her head and chest.

Gareth was charged with two restraining orders, and one expired within a few weeks of the murder. Gareth was accused of first-degree domestic theft and homicide.

According to the investigators, Amie was strangled by Gareth before tossing her from the balcony of her third-floor Hills home. The investigators also found blood stains in the bedroom, indicating signs of a violent battle.

Early that evening, she wore rosary beads scattered all across the house. The investigators also found a syringe later, which was tested with nicotine, a toxic liquid that can cause death.

It was strange to see a syringe in Amie’s house because she was not into drugs, smoking, or alcohol.

After almost 13 hours after Amie’s murder, the detective reached Gareth’s home and charged him with Amie’s murder. The detective also found a syringe just like the same they found in Amie’s home.

Where is Gareth Pursehouse Today?

Gareth was at the Los Angeles County Jail for Amie’s murder, but he was set free with a $2 million bail. But within a few days, his bail was revoked by the authorities. According to the records, he was arrested on Sunday, February 16, from his Playa Del Rey residence.

Gareth was accused of Amie’s murder and is still in Los Angeles County Jail.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How was Gareth Pursehouse’s Relationship with Amie Harwick When They Were Dating?

They both met at a professional event and started dating, but unfortunately, things were not going well. According to Amie’s friends, Amie faced assault and domestic violence in the relationship.

She even filed a restraining order twice against him when facing the assault. By that, we can clearly say that their relationship as a couple was not suitable.

2. What is Gareth Pursehouse’s Net Worth?

According to the reports, his estimated net worth was around $2 million US dollars.

3. What was Gareth Pursehouse’s Verdict?

When Gareth was accused of Amie’s murder, one of his defense lawyers said that if he had the intention to kill her, he could have killed her with the syringe within a few minutes, but she was killed by a fall.

But Judge George Lomeli rejected Gareth’s verdict and stands trial for Amie’s murder.

Wrapping up

This article covers everything related to the Amie Harwick murder case and how Gareth Pursehouse was accused. Other than that, we have also mentioned where Gareth is in 2023.

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