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How Long Did It Take Noah to Build the Ark? (April 2024)

how long did it take noah to build the ark

The construction of Noah’s Ark is a story that resonates deeply within the Judeo-Christian tradition, detailed in the Book of Genesis. The narrative of Noah, commanded by God to build an Ark to save his family and a pair of every living creature from a global flood, is not only a tale of faith and obedience but also a fascinating subject for those interested in the logistics and timeline of its construction. This article dissects biblical references to understand how long Noah took to build the Ark.

Biblical References

The essential reference to the construction of Noah’s Ark can be found in Genesis 6-9. However, the Bible does not explicitly state the exact duration Noah took to build the Ark. Instead, it provides information from which inferences can be drawn. The timeline can be pieced together from various passages:

  • Genesis 6:3 suggests that God’s declaration of the forthcoming flood and the command to Noah to build the Ark was made 120 years before the flood began.
  • Genesis 6:14-16 provides God’s instructions to Noah on how to build the Ark, including its dimensions and materials, but does not specify how long the construction took.
  • Genesis 7:6 states that Noah was 600 years old when the floodwaters were on the earth.

From these references, it is inferred that the period from God’s announcement of the flood to its commencement was about 120 years. However, this does not necessarily mean Noah spent the entire time building the Ark. The duration also includes the period God gave humanity to repent, the time Noah might have needed to gather materials, and possibly to collect the animals.

Biblical Timeline and Events

Event DescriptionBible ReferenceEstimated Time or Age
God announces the coming floodGenesis 6:3120 years before the flood
God commands Noah to build the ArkGenesis 6:14-16Uncertain, within the 120-year period
Noah’s age at the start of the floodGenesis 7:6600 years old

Ark Construction Specifications

SpecificationDescriptionBible Reference
Dimensions300 cubits long, 50 cubits wide, 30 cubits highGenesis 6:15
MaterialGopher woodGenesis 6:14
RoomsMake rooms in the ArkGenesis 6:14
Windows and DoorA window and a doorGenesis 6:16
DecksThree decksGenesis 6:16

Pre-Flood Preparation Timeline (Inferred)

TaskEstimated DurationNotes
Receiving God’s commandImmediateUpon God’s announcement
Gathering materialsVariableCould range from months to years
Construction of the ArkMajority of the 120 yearsExact duration not specified in the Bible
Gathering of the animalsCloser to the flood’s startDirected by God

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long did it take Noah to build the Ark?

It’s inferred from Genesis 6:3 that Noah had 120 years from the announcement of the flood until it began. However, the Bible does not specify the exact duration of the construction itself.

2. What materials were used to build Noah’s Ark?

According to Genesis 6:14, Noah used gopher wood to build the Ark, and it was sealed with pitch inside and out.

3. How big was Noah’s Ark?

The Ark’s dimensions were 300 cubits long, 50 cubits wide, and 30 cubits high (Genesis 6:15).

4. Did Noah build the Ark by himself?

The Bible does not provide details on whether Noah had help. It focuses on God’s command to Noah and his compliance, leaving the logistics of its construction to interpretation.

5. How many animals were on Noah’s Ark?

Noah was instructed to bring into the Ark two of all living creatures, male and female, to keep them alive with him, along with seven pairs of some types of animals, particularly clean animals and birds (Genesis 6:19-20, 7:2-3).

6. Why did Noah have to build the Ark?

God commanded Noah to build the Ark to save himself, his family, and the world’s animals from a global flood intended to cleanse the Earth of its wickedness (Genesis 6:13-18).

7. Was the Ark capable of holding all the animals?

Based on the dimensions given in Genesis 6:15 and interpretations of the term “kinds” as broader groups of animals, scholars and believers argue that the Ark had sufficient capacity to hold all required animals, food, and supplies.

8. How did Noah gather all the animals?

Genesis 6:20 states that the animals would come to Noah and enter the Ark. The Bible suggests that this gathering was divinely orchestrated.

9. What happened to the Ark after the flood?

The Ark came to rest on the mountains of Ararat as the floodwaters receded (Genesis 8:4). The Bible does not detail the Ark’s fate after Noah and the animals left it.

10. Has Noah’s Ark been found?

Numerous expeditions and claims have been made regarding the discovery of Noah’s Ark on Mount Ararat and other locations, but none have been universally accepted or verified by the scientific community.


The story of Noah’s Ark, while rich in spiritual and moral lessons, leaves specific logistical questions, like the exact time taken to build the Ark, open to interpretation. Based on the biblical narrative, it’s reasonable to infer that the preparation for the flood, including the construction of the Ark, was part of the 120-year period leading up to the flood. This period encompasses not only the physical construction of the Ark but also the time for repentance and preparation that God afforded humanity.

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