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Where is Elisabeth Fritzl Now? (July 2024)

Elisabeth Fritzl now

Elizabeth Fritzl is a 56-year-old Austrian lady who was prisoned at 18 years of age by her father. This article covers all the information related to her life and how she spent 24 years in a basement prison.

Other than that, we have also mentioned how she escaped from that basement prison, where she is now in 2023 and where her father is now.

Where is Josef Fritzl’s Daughter, Elisabeth Fritzl and where is She now?

On 6 April 1966, Elisabeth Fritzl was born to Mrs Rosemarie and Mr Josef Fritzl. She lived a happy life with her six siblings; there were three sisters and three brothers. But unfortunately, she didn’t have a perfect father because he used to abuse her.

In 1977, when she turned 11 years old, she was first abused by her father, for which she could not do anything. When she turned 15, she started preparing to establish her career as a waitress.

In 1983, when she was around 17 years old, she ran away from her parents and one of her friends in Vienna. Within 20 days, police found her in Vienna with her friend and returned her to her parents.

Later, she decided to rejoin her waitress course and settle her career as a waitress; within a few days, she got her first job in the nearby city.

Basic Information About Her

Full nameElisabeth Fritzl
Date of Birth06-Apr-66
BirthplaceAmstetten, Austria
Age56 years
Zodiac SignAries
Marital StatusMarried
Net WorthNA

Body Stats

Height in m1.67 m
Height in cm167 cm
Height in inches5 Feet 6 Inches
Weight in Kg55 kg
Weight in pounds121 pounds
Hair ColorGolden Brown
Eye colorBlue


Father’s nameJosef Fritzl
Mother’s nameRosemarie Fritzl
SiblingsMichael Fritzl
Ulrike Fritzl
Rosemarie Jnr. Fritzl
Harald Fritzl
Gabrielle Fritzl
Josef Jnr. Fritzl
Doris Fritzl
Stefan Fritzl
Alexander Fritzl
Felix Fritzl
SpouseThomas Wagner
ChildrenMonika Fritzl
Felix Fritzl
Kerstin Fritzl
Alexander Fritzl
Stefan Fritzl
Lisa Fritzl
Michael Fritzl

Educational Background

School NameNA
University NameNA

Social Media Accounts


How did Elisabeth Fritzl Reach the Basement Prison?

Josef Fritzl

In 1984, one day Josef Fritzl, the father of Elisabeth, called her to assist him in repairing a door in the basement of one of their homes in Austria. Elisabeth was unaware of what would happen next and went to her father for help; when she came back upstairs, she was held over by a piece of cloth over her mouth and nose.

She was forced by her father to stay down in that basement as a sex slave. Josef was planning to build a basement prison cell for a long time, and in the late 1970s, he officially received permission from the municipal authorities for that prison.

Back in those days, it was a normal thing to build a nuclear bunker in the basement because of the war, so the reason was that people quickly got permission for that. But no one knew his intentions and what he was about to do.

Even to build that basement prison, he was provided 2000 pounds by the local municipal corporation as a building cost. To keep Elisabeth away from the public eye, he built several doors to reach that prison. He planned this for years.

Elisabeth’s 24 years in the Basement Prison were the Worst Years of Her Life

Elisabeth’s 24 years of life in that basement prison went like hell, traumatizing her mentally for the rest of her life. She was forced to stay in that dirty place, and sometimes she had to catch rats with her bare hands.

Elisabeth narrated in her writings that summers were the worst time of the year because she sweats a lot and does not have anything to get air from. She was pissed staying in that place, but there was no other option.

Life was moving like a bullet train for the rest of the world, but for Elisabeth, it was like a snail. She was tied up with a steel chain on the bed so that she could barely move a meter on either side of the bed.

She was craving the freedom to move freely and remove that steel chain from her body. After a few months, he pulled that steel chain from her body as the chain was causing trouble during sexual activity and set her free from that steel chain.

Josef abused her daughter for sexual pleasure and raped her multiple times a day for almost 24 years until she got released at 42 years of age in April 2008. In those 24 years, she got raped more than 3000 times, resulting in seven babies.

As the babies grew older, they had to witness her abuse. Three of her babies were in the basement prison, and the other three were mysteriously near the doorstep of her father’s and mother’s home. All this was the planning of Mr Josef.

How did Elisabeth Fritzl Escape from the Basement Prison?

Elisabeth’s painful story ended when her 19 years old daughter Kerstin was hospitalized because of her severe condition. His father has never shown mercy to her or her daughters, but this time he drove Kerstin to the hospital in his car.

The doctors attending Kerstin were surprised after seeing her severe condition; later on, they alerted the police about her situation and what they experienced at that time.

The media broadcasted an appeal for the mother to come forward and provide all the necessary information to save her life. Elisabeth and her two boys saw that the media appealed on television when she was imprisoned in the basement. After that, she requested her father to release her daughter.

Josef then started planning to get rid of this without being questioned about anything. He then told a story to the hospital staff, but the hospital staff and police officials refused to believe his story.

Then hospital staff took her to a different room away from her father and asked about her condition. Police officials then charged her father with a child abuse case for negligence towards her daughter.

After being recognized for something wrong happening with Elisabeth and her children, she was rescued by the police officials along with her children.

Elisabeth was immediately shifted to a state care center by police officials to save her father. She then started taking therapy to come out of that mental and physical trauma in Northern Austria. A therapist treating her suggested that she should take lifelong treatment to come out of that trauma.

Where is Elisabeth Fritzl Now in 2024?

According to the reports, Elisabeth lives in a bright home with her children, away from all she suffered for years. In 2023, she will be almost 57 years old, and officials have given their best to keep her identity secret and limelight away from her personal life to provide her with everyday life.

She lives in an Austrian village with a new name and identity with her kids and husband, Thomas Wagner. Her children range from 19 to 33, and some took a long time to recover from their situation.

She lives in a secure place under the surveillance of CCTV cameras with security guards on alert, which provides her with a safe place to live. There is not much information available on the internet about her post-imprisonment life.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Old is Elisabeth Fritzl Now

Currently, Elisabeth Fritzl is 57 years old

2. Where is Josef Fritzl Now?

Elisabeth’s father, Josef Fritzl, is prisoned in Garsten Abbey prison and suffering from dementia. Josef changed his name to Josef Mayhoff to avoid media attention in his final days.

3. How many Children Elisabeth Fritzl has?

Elisabeth has seven children: Felix, Alexander, Monika, Kerstin, Michael, Stefan, and Lisa Fritzl.

4. How Long Was Elisabeth Fritzl in The Basement?

Elisabeth was basement prisoned at 18 years of age, and after 24 years, she was released. It means she must be 42 years old when she was released.

Wrapping Up

This article covers everything related to Elisabeth Fritzl’s life and how she spent her 24 years in a basement prison. We have also mentioned how she was released and where she is now in 2023. For 24 years, Elisabeth faced the worst times in that basement, and now we only hope that she lives the rest of her life happily and securely.

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