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Honkai Star Rail Tier List (May 2024)

Honkai Star Rail Tier List

miHoYo created the popular mobile action role-playing game Honkai Star Rail and is renowned for its eye-catching visuals, captivating plot, and extensive roster of strong characters.

“Honkai Star Rail,” the most recent update to the game, has once again increased the number of Valkyries options available to players by bringing in fresh and intriguing characters. Building a solid squad requires knowing each character’s advantages and disadvantages, much like any gacha-style game.

The following article will discuss the Honkai Star Rail Tier list.

What is Honkai: Star Rail?

What is Honkai

Honkai: Star Rail is a role-playing gacha video game created by miHoYo. It is distributed globally by Cognosphere, d/b/a HoYoverse, and miHoYo in mainland China. The PlayStation 5 port was launched on 11 October 2023, after the Windows and mobile versions were released on 26 April 2023.

A teaser for the PlayStation 4 version was shown during the most recent Summer Game Fest, but no announcement has yet been made. It is the fourth game in the Honkai series, using gameplay concepts from Genshin Impact and characters from Honkai Impact 3.

What is the Honkai Star Rail Tier?

Honkai Star Rail Tier

A ranking system called “Honkai Star Rail Tier” is employed by players of the mobile action role-playing game “Honkai Impact 3rd” to assign a ranking to each of the game’s Valkyries or characters according to how well they perform overall and in specific gaming elements.

Tiers can be used to group valkyries, commonly denoted asSS-TIer, S-Tier, A-Tier, B-Tier, and C-Tier.

Honkai: Star Rail Tier List

Honkai: Star Rail Tier List

Prior to getting into the individual Valkyries, it’s critical to comprehend the general format of a tier list. Characters are grouped into distinct tiers by tier lists according to how well they perform overall in several areas of the game, such as damage output, survivability, support skills, and adaptability.

1. SS Tier

As of right now, Honkai Star Rail has nine individuals who are capable of altering the course of the plot. They provide significance that other characters cannot match.

JingliuJingliuJingliu is a powerful character in the SS tier, boasting exceptional damage-dealing abilities and strategic advantages. With formidable skills and versatility, Jingliu stands out as a top-tier choice for players.
Dan HengDan HengDan Heng is a character known for exceptional defense and strategic prowess. With incredible resilience and powerful abilities, Dan Heng stands as a top-tier choice valued for team sustainability.
BronyaBronyaBronya, a character, excels with a versatile skill set, blending offense and defense seamlessly. Her strategic abilities, high damage output, and resilience make her a top-tier choice in battles.
TingyunTingyunAs an SS tier character, Tingyun excels in agility and precision, boasting high damage output and evasive skills. With strategic abilities and versatility, Tingyun stands out as a formidable choice in combat.
Fu XuanFu XuanFu Xuan commands the battlefield with remarkable versatility and crowd control abilities. Known for high damage output and strategic skills, Fu Xuan is a top-tier choice in combat scenarios.
LuochaLuochaLuocha revolutionizes healing with ATK-based mends, blending offense and support. Her AoE damage Ultimate disrupts foes, stripping buffs. With passive healing triggered when allies’ health drops, Luocha offers exceptional, resourceful care.
Silver WolfSilver WolfSilver Wolf introduces a unique mechanism by adding weaknesses to enemies, amplifying team damage. His attacks create bugs, decreasing enemy stats. His potent ultimate severely reduces enemy DEF, enhancing team damage. However, his skills focus on single targets.

Despite having four stars, Jingliu and Tingyun outperform other units with the same rarity in their respective roles. Tingyun, a 4-star harmony unit, provides the most effective attack boosts.

In the event that you don’t get her until 300 standard pulls, Bronya is still the most used support in the game. The only character in the game who has the ability to break down an enemy’s defenses and expose their vulnerabilities is Silver Wolf.

The two most potent sustained troops are Luocha and Fu Xuan, who have excellent healing and damage-reduction skills, respectively.

2. S Tier

The top tier stands for the very finest. This tier of heroes excels in every facet of the game and is regarded as the best option by the majority of teams. The characters in this tier are strong, although more muscular than the troops of the SS tier. You should devote resources to them.

TopazTopazTopaz uniquely raises damage taken from enemy follow-up attacks. Uncommon as a DPS reliant on follow-up strikes, Topaz stands as a key figure in follow-up attack teams, hinting at promising future potential.
SeeleSeeleSeele boasts exceptional speed, enabling more turns. Her passive talent, “Resurgence,” grants an extra action upon defeating enemies with her ultimate ability, enhancing her efficiency and impact in battles.
GepardGepardIn version 1.1, Gepard reigns as the ultimate shield provider. His top skill grants the highest absorption shield, safeguarding allies from instant defeat. With enhanced ER%, Gepard maintains an unparalleled shield in Simulated Universe and Memory of Chaos.
PelaPelaPela’s standout feature lies in her ability to reduce the defense of all enemies, ideal for AoE teams. However, her ultimate demands substantial energy, affecting the consistency of her DEF debuff. Her buff removal ability contributes to her commendable performance in Simulated Universe and Forgotten Hall.
QingqueQingqueQingque’s damage output fluctuates due to RNG mechanics but excels against Quantum’s weak foes. With luck, she can unleash staggering damage. Recent adjustments place her at A tier, with her E4 and E6 elevating her performance significantly in Memory of Chaos.
NumbyNumbyNumby specializes in amplifying the damage received from enemy follow-up attacks, a role uncommon among DPS characters reliant on follow-up strikes. As a critical component in follow-up attack teams, Topaz’s future appears promising.
AstaAstaAsta’s passive boosts allies’ ATK based on the enemies she hits, but her buff often lasts only one round, requiring continuous skill point consumption to maintain. Her ultimate enhances team SPD, suiting her for fast-paced team strategies.
LynxLynxLynx’s ultimate skill excels at dispelling debuffs from all allies, making her particularly effective against foes inflicting multiple debuffs on the team, showcasing her skill in cleansing detrimental effects.

Within their respective aspects, Topaz, Gepard, Seele, and Lynx are the most potent damage-dealing units. Despite not having Seele’s single-target damage capabilities, Topaz manages to do a good deal of damage because of her unique follow-up mechanics.

Despite not being the finest, Gepard is an excellent sustain unit.

As a 5-star abundance unit, Gepard and Preservation Trailblazer can take a lot of damage and keep your squad safe.

3. A Tier

Characters in the A-Tier are firm but less adaptable or strong than those in the S-Tier. They can still be outstanding options in a lot of circumstances.

GuinaifenGuinaifenAs an A-tier character, Guinaifen excels with versatile crowd-control abilities and reliable damage output. With strategic prowess in battles, Guinaifen stands out for her balanced skill set, offering substantial crowd control and consistent damage to the team.
LukaLukaAs an A-tier character, Luka showcases strong performance, offering a balanced skill set, strategic utility, and consistent contribution to team dynamics within their respective system or game.
Jing YuanJing YuanJing Yuan demonstrates commendable abilities, providing substantial contributions with a balanced skill set and effective performance within their respective system or game.
BladeBladeBlade showcases notable combat abilities, offering a balanced skill set contributing effectively within their game or system with commendable performance and strategic utility.
KafkaKafkaKafka, ranked within A-tier, boasts versatile skills and strategic prowess, contributing significantly with a balanced skill set and effective performance within the game or system they belong to.
WeltWeltWelt displays versatile abilities and strategic prowess, contributing effectively with a well-rounded skill set and notable performance within their respective game or system.
YukongYukongYukong, a support character, enhances allies with ATK, CRIT DMG, and CRIT Rate buffs. However, the limitation lies in the buffs being applicable only to allies in the subsequent two actions.
BailuBailuBailu’s unique ability revives the first fallen ally and her ultimate applies “Invigoration,” allowing allies to heal when hit. With substantial healing, she stands as one of the top healers in 1.1, albeit unable to dispel debuffs.

If you possess Kafka, it is worthwhile to construct Luka, Guinaifen, Welt, and Bailu. They are able to apply elemental debuffs on opponents, which Kafka can explode to do a lot of damage.

After Imbibitor Lunae, Welt is the second-strongest Imaginary unit in the game and possesses potent supporting skills.

You may use Yukong, Kafka, Blade, Jing Yuan, and Bailu as your go-to DPS characters. However, they are less potent than the S or SS-tier characters.

4. B Tier

B Tier includes some reputable characters with some restrictions. While they could be more effective in some circumstances, they are less intense all over than S and A-tier characters. Hook and Destruction Trailblazer (Fire) are comparable.

ClaraClaraClara is rated within the B tier, indicating a moderate performance with certain limitations or less optimal effectiveness compared to higher-tier characters within the specific game or system.
HookHook“Hook” positioned in the B tier suggests moderate effectiveness within the game or system. While functional, it may exhibit limitations or have less impact compared to characters ranked in higher tiers.
SushangSushang“Sushang” being classified in the B tier suggests a decent but not exceptional performance within the game or system. This tier placement indicates moderate effectiveness with potential room for improvement or situational advantages.
SampoSampoSampo, a Wind-based Damage-over-Time (DoT) specialist, shines with an ultimate that enhances enemy DoT damage by 20% for two turns. Ideal for synergizing with DoT characters like Hook, Kafka, and Serval, Sampo becomes pivotal in DoT teams, especially in the Path of Nihility in Simulated Universe.
March 7thMarch 7thMarch 7th excels in providing continuous single-target shields to allies, with shields drawing higher enemy attention, making her an excellent match with Clara. Moreover, she proves effective in early Simulated Universe due to her occasional enemy-controlling ultimate ability.
NatashaNatashaNatasha boasts a low-energy ultimate, providing strong group healing. Her skill, “Soothe,” enables ally debuff removal. However, with the introduction of Lynx offering more versatility, Natasha’s importance has diminished compared to earlier.
TrailBlazer (Fire)TrailBlazer FireTrailBlazer (Fire) exhibits exceptional tanking capabilities, boasting a skill that taunts enemies and reduces damage taken. Their normal attack inflicts Blast damage, particularly effective against fire-weak enemies. Additionally, all actions by TrailBlazer (Fire) provide shields to allies, significantly bolstering overall survivability.
YanqingYanqingYanqing, an Ice-based single-target DPS, relies on critical hit buffs, resulting in substantial damage output. However, his ultimate demands high energy, preventing him from achieving an SS Tier ranking despite his powerful capabilities.

5. C Tier

C Tier includes the least potent characters, usually less successful in the majority of game features. The 4-star lightning DPS in the game, Serval, is yours for free.

Dan Heng ILDan Heng ILDan Heng, in the form of Imbibitor Lunae, emerges as an Imaginary DPS, capable of dealing remarkably high damage, often considered one of the most potent damage dealers in the game due to this strength.
HimekoHimekoHimeko excels at breaking Fire weaknesses, benefiting from a passive skill that deals additional AoE damage upon weakness breaks. However, her overall damage output is comparatively lower, impacting her competitiveness among other AoE DPS characters.
ServalServalServal functions as a Lightning-based character, excelling in both AoE and Damage over Time (DoT) roles. She becomes a reliable choice, especially if lacking characters like Jing Yuan or Arlan, specifically for Lightning DPS needs in Memory of Chaos and Simulated Universe.

6. D Tier

The D-Tier characters are regarded as the poorest bunch in the game. Stay away from them if you wish to beat strong opponents or advance in your games.

ArlanArlanFollowing Jing Yuan’s release in the later part of version 1.0, Arlan’s importance diminishes, leading to his tier being adjusted to B due to his low survival ability in challenging content like Memory of Chaos. Although his skill doesn’t consume skill points but rather HP, Arlan excels in the early game where Lightning-weak enemies are abundant.
HertaHertaHerta, an Ice-based AoE DPS, is a free early-game option. She’s a suitable choice when lacking other Ice-based DPS characters, providing a viable solution for team composition in the initial stages of the game.
Trailblazer (Physical)Trailblazer (Physical)In the absence of Sushang or Clara, Trailblazer (Physical) becomes the sole option for a Physical DPS role within your team. This character becomes essential for specific levels in Forgotten Hall, where their physical damage output is required.

Herta can be used as Ice weakness breakers; however, it is preferable to employ other troops for this kind of task. She has extremely little damage and conditional follow-up activation.

Arlan can only inflict damage when his HP is low.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Tier List Ranking for Characters?

Tiers like SS-Tier, S-Tier, A-Tier, B-Tier, C-Tier, and D-Tier are used to rank valkyries. C and D-Tier heroes are usually the weakest or least effective, while S-Tier ones are said to be the strongest.

2. Do S-tier Characters Consistently Outperform A-tier Ones?

A-Tier characters can still be quite effective and adaptable, but S-Tier ones are usually more powerful. Which option you choose will rely on your personal preferences and needs.

3. How Frequently is the Honkai: Star Rail Tier List Updated?

Over time, new characters, balancing adjustments, and game updates may cause Tier Lists to alter. Therefore, staying informed on the most recent developments within the gaming world is crucial.

Wrapping Up

The “Honkai Star Rail Tier List” is a valuable asset for users of the well-liked mobile game “Honkai Impact 3rd.” It divides the many characters in the game into several tiers according to how well they function and how useful they are during gameplay.

Although Tier Lists provide valuable information about a character’s power, it’s vital to remember that equipment selection, personal playstyle, and team composition significantly impact how well a player does in the game.

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