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Why Were Cornflakes Invented? Myth vs Truth

why were cornflakes invented

Are you one of those guys who start their day with a bowl of healthy cornflakes? If yes, definitely this article is for you. You must be familiar with those who invented cornflakes and why cornflakes were made.

There are many rumors about cornflakes around the world. Some say that there is an anti-masturbatory quality in cornflakes. So is there any truth behind this rumor? This article will give you every answer regarding cornflakes and tell you why cornflakes were invented.

Who is the man behind inventing Kellogg’s Cornflakes?

Before getting into the main topic of why cornflakes were invented, we have to know the actual man behind creating cornflakes.

Dr. John Harvey Kellogg is an American doctor, nutritionist, and health activist who invented cornflakes. However, John Harvey Kellogg was also the director of a health resort, Battle Creek Sanitarium.

The Seventh-day Adventist church founded this health resort in Michigan. Moreover, the health resort was a combination of a high-class hotel, spa, hydrotherapy institution, and hospital.

John Harvey was a person with a huge heart. Not only does he treat the wealthy person, but he also treated the poor ones who can not afford the hospital fees.

Last 30 years of his life, he dedicated himself to promoting eugenics and improving the genetic makeup of the people who were judged to be inferior. However, he believes in purifying people with mental afflictions.

Below, we will start talking about why cornflakes were invented.

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The Reason Behind Cornflakes Was Invented?

In 1894, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg invented cornflakes. However, he created the cornflakes for their patients in Sanitarium for a healthy purpose.

dr. john harvey kellogg

The Sanitarium was the world-renowned health resort where he uses to work as a doctor. John Harvey was clear that cornflakes are healthy and intentionally flat food for their patients.

However, it seems very strange how someone can intentionally create tasteless food. The recipe behind cornflakes was all part of an extreme diet promoted by the Seventh-day Adventist church.

The church was the house of Christianity that promoted a strict diet containing no alcohol, caffeine, and non-veg. Moreover, John Harvey believes that sex and masturbation are not healthy.

However, he wrote a book, Plain Facts for Old and Young, explaining the Natural history and hygiene of organic life. He showed his vision about the harmful effects of masturbation.

Moreover, Kellogg talks about other common problems like acne, mood swings, stiff joints, and baldness. He also mentions the tasty spicy food as the double abdominal crime in his book.

So his primary intention for creating cornflakes was to help people to control their sexual impulses. Moreover, Kellogg represented cornflakes as a mechanism that ran water through the bowel.

However, the original recipe for cornflakes does not contain any sugar. So no doubt today’s version is more delicious than the older one. We hope you get your answer related to the question that why cornflakes were invented.

Facts about the “Is CornFlakes Invented to Stop Masturbation?” Joke?

The Rumour –

The primary myth about cornflakes is that it has an anti-masturbatory quality. However, as well all know, Kellogg told that sex and masturbation could be harmful to your body.

Masturbation can cause some common problems, like stiff joints, mood swings, and acne. Kellogg believes that eating spicy can increase the sex drive, and eating cereals can decrease it.

The real truth behind the rumors

Kellogg’s main intention for creating cornflakes is to make a flat and tasteless diet for their patients. He never advertised it as an anti-masturbatory cereal.

Yeah, he recommended a flat and clean diet to discourage masturbation, but he never explicitly mentioned cornflakes.

A study shows that cornflakes are an easy-to-digest healthy breakfast food that can counter indigestion.

Why Dr. Kellogg invented cornflakes?

Here we will get to know about the actual reason of Dr. John Harvey Kellogg for inventing cornflakes.

A health movement

The health movement name Biological Living, started by Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, was the primary reason for the invention of cornflakes.

However, Americans need meat, potatoes, and pie on their breakfast plate. This type of food is increasing the problems of indigestion which can also be called obesity.

So the solution to this problem is inventing a bland and clean diet. In 1827, Sylvester Graham created a flat Graham cracker, and in 1863, James Caleb Jackson invented the first cereal granola.

james caleb jackson
Source: wikipedia.org

However, Kellogg was running a health resort that he uses to treat their patients suffering from ailments and diseases. In health resorts, he created cornflakes for his patients.

Cornflakes were a better opportunity for Kellogg to spread the revolution of biological living.

However, in a book, Kellogg said that spicy food could break the human gastric machine and cause constipation or dyspepsia.

The primary motive for Dr. Kellogg’s biological living is to tell people to eat more grains and less meat. In simple words, he wants to convey that eat biologically and eat normally.

Moreover, Kellogg also mentioned that spicy food could accelerate your sex drive. Further, sex or masturbation can ruin your healthy living. So that is why he introduced healthy and bland cereal cornflakes.

Wrapping up

We hope you get the answers to your question that why cornflakes were made. However, Dr. Kellogg’s primary reason for inventing cornflakes is to create a flat and bland diet that can help you live a healthy life.

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